Super Tuesday and Voter Fraud

Super-Tuesday-Slider-copy.jpgIMG_0743.JPGThis is a photograph taken of the packed parking lot at my polling place.

My home state was one of those who held its primary this Super Tuesday. By primary standards the turnout appeared to be enormous!

Voter Turnout

When voter turnout is high bad election results usually come about. This is because the people who typically do not participate in elections are poorly educated and low information voters. When such people do go to the polls they make a bad choice. This is why we have had to suffer through over seven years of Barack Obama.

“Lost Voters”

Perhaps this year could be different. Some have argued that Donald Trump has been bringing to the polling stations many people who either have never voted or have rarely voted. If these same “lost voters” cast a ballot in November, a Republican may win by a comfortable margin regardless of which GOP candidate gets the nomination.

Privacy of the Ballot

I was asked to verbally confirm my party affiliation by a polling official. I was then given a ballot color-coded to my party. I believe that the privacy of the ballot is one of the most sacred aspects of our republic. I do not appreciate the fact that all of my neighbors know to which political party I belong. I do not recall such anti-privacy policies/regulations in past primary elections.

Governor John Kasich

IMG_0742.JPGThe only signs I saw at my polling place were Kasich signs.

As I pulled out of the parking lot of the high school where I voted two things occurred to me. The first was that I was surprised that the only signs I saw were for Ohio Governor John Kasich. This may be explained by the fact that the political heavyweight in my town endorsed him. The second was how fortunate I am to live in a country where I can vote in an election that will be fair as long as the urban Democrat political machines do not steal it.

Voter Fraud

All I had to do to vote was announce my name and address. I could have easily picked a name out of the obituaries, looked up the address of this person online, and voted illegally under the name of the dead person. This type of voter fraud happens a lot. It is why Republicans favor laws requiring people to show identification before voting. Democrats oppose such laws. This is because soccer moms and dads from the suburbs that vote Republican do not commit voter fraud. Almost 100% of the voter fraud we see every election happens in urban areas of the country and it all benefits the Democrats.

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IMG_0740.JPGAnother image of my polling place’s busy parking lot.