Encounter with a Street Person on St. Patrick’s Day


Homeless people have become wise to the fact that those of us who are not rubes realize that any money that they are handed on the street is used to purchase drugs and/or alcohol. The homeless live for free in shelters, eat for free in soup kitchens and have no place to store possessions so what else would they do with their money? The fact that most of us are on to them is why they try so hard to work some angle intended to deceive us into thinking that if we dump some currency in their cup it will go to some good purpose.

Last St. Patrick’s Day I was hit with a noteworthy and perhaps highly unusual pitch from a man begging just outside a train station. As I waited in a group of about fifteen commuters for a walk sign to beam its white message of safe egress in the shape of a pedestrian to us all he proclaimed: “Can you spare some money for an Irishman so he can get drunk on St. Patrick’s Day?” I gave him points for honesty and creativity but not enough to motivate me to hand over my hard-earned cash to him.

If you wish to do something kind for the homeless give some money to charity rather than directly to a street person.

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