Trump Supporters Must Stand-Up to Anti-Trump Protesters and Activists

NYU riots.jpg

On March 13, 2016, I blogged about leftists shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally, argued that the tactics of the left will get more and more extreme, dirty and uncivil as we moved closer to November election and offered a road-map for how Republicans should respond. Although my timetable was wrong, presumably due to the fact that the left swallowed the narrative that Trump had no chance of electoral victory, my prediction ultimately was correct and we now face a level of political violence and left wing activism unseen since the Vietnam Era. Trump supporters must stand-up to anti-Trump protesters and activists or the country will be lost.

What’s Happening

Berckly riots12.jpg
Trump supporter getting maced during the University of California, Berkeley riots.

Trump supporters are being hit with mace and pepper spray and are even suffering physically assault. Attempts by Conservative speakers to exercise their First Amendment rights are being shut down by anti-Trump rioters who commit arson, extensive vandalism and attempt to inflict injury upon police officers. Even “peaceful” protesters have pledged themselves to making the U.S. “ungovernable” and support the use of the boycotts and blacklisting to destroy pro-Trump persons and entities. I am certain things will get much worse still. It is only a matter of time before the left commits bombings and killings. More than a few people will be die.

A Way Forward

Berckly riots10.jpg
If the fascists protesters  like those who took to the streets at the University of California, Berkeley truly want a war, I say let us give them one.

If the left forces the termination of one business leader who supports Trump’s policies we must make sure two executives who support Liberal causes get fired. If one Trump supporter gets terminated from her or his job for expressing Trumpian views on social media we must make certain two Liberals suffer the same fate for exposing Liberal positions. Trump voters must boycott all individuals and businesses who have expressed anti-Trump views. If the left protests a Conservative speaker such as Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos or Gavin McInnes we must protest twice as many Liberal lecturers. If the left pays one hundred people to protest Trump we need to pay two hundred to show up in support of him. It must be insisted upon that law enforcement and the legal system treat protesters with the heaviest hand allowable by law.

We Must Put the Days of Country Club Mannered Republicans Behind Us

Trump supporters.jpg

Gone must be the days of country club mannered Republicans. Republican politicians must be pushed to become more like their Machiavellian Democrat colleagues and be prepared to do what is necessary to not just hold on to political power but to increase the party’s power from the local up through the federal level. The “nuclear option” for judges should be considered mandatory. More Gerrymandering and voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud are a must. A reformation of voting laws to make voter fraud more easily detected and more sever punishments for those convicted of it that will serve as a greater deterrent are necessary. Our immigration system, which now favors people who are automatic constituents of the Democrat party, must be changed to one that is more favorable to individuals who are more likely to become Republican voters. (A system which gives preference to those with the knowledge and skills we need more of regardless of what nation they come from should do the trick.) Trump must reinstate the “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” Cuba policy Obama ended since Cuban-Americans make great Americans and they can be counted on to help the GOP in future elections in Florida which are crucial to presidential contests. Republicans must work for the passage of a Constitutional amendment which ends the granting of citizenship to the children of non-citizens born on American soil since the majority of such persons eventually become Democrats.

It must be a new day and a new GOP. I do not advocate violence or anything illegal. However, the Anti-Trump radicals should be made to know that if they get physical with us we will respond in kind and they will be pay a price. They are no more than bullies and must be dealt with as all bullies must be.

Monuments to Moderates are Only Found in Cemeteries


As I wrote back on March 13, 2016:  “The only monuments you will find to moderates are found in cemeteries. Moderates need to stand aside and stay out of the way of those of us who are pragmatic enough to use tactics the Anti-Trump forces use to try and beat us against them. I hereby pledge myself to the fight. Where do you stand?

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Berckly riots6.jpg

Fascist thugs who prevented Milo from exercising his First Amendment rights at University of California, Berkeley.

My Family was Accidentally Caught Up in the Women’s March on Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017 my family hopped on a train to Washington, D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and do some site seeing in the nation’s capital. On the morning of Saturday, January 20, we boarded the Metro in Virginia and headed into the District of Columbia for what we thought would be a typical day spent visiting Washington’s museums. We found ourselves accidentally caught up in the wretched [Liberal] Women’s March on Washington. Continue on for what we experienced and photographs of the event.

Hand-Knit Pink Hats

pink hats.jpg

While waiting to purchase our Metro cards my wife and daughter were engaged by the first of numerous people who assumed we had journeyed out to participate in the march. Both were offered hand-knit pink hats. My wife politely declined the offer.

I was at first struck by the fact that by making hand-knit pink hats the symbol of the march those behind it seemed to be perpetuating what the Left considers gender stereotypes since pink is often thought of as a female color and knitting as a woman’s activity. I then realized that the hand-knit pink hats were a conscious strategic decision.

In the last presidential election more total votes were cast for the three Right leaning candidates (Trump, Johnson and McMullin received 49.76 %) than the two Left leaning candidates (Clinton and Stein won 49.1 %.) The 2016 presidential election represented a rejection of the Leftist politics of the Democrat party. Yet to truly understand what is going on in America you have to also examine politics on the state level. In 2017 the Democrats now have less combined state and federal political power than at any time since the Civil War. The American voter has turned its back on the Democrats because the party has adopted the politics of Leftist extremism. The use of knitting and the color pink represented a desperate attempt to draw the average American woman voter who has turned her back on the Democrats to the politics of those marching. Trying to make use of what it considers the gender stereotypes of knitting and pink for political gain is an example of the type of double standard that is present in almost everything the Left says, does and believes.

Our Metro Ride

That the march was to take place that day was not a surprise to me. What I had not realized was the subway car we entered in Virginia that morning lay along a line that took marchers to one of the focal points of the rally that preceded the march. We stepped into a standing room only car. One stop later a few more people got on and the car was packed to capacity. For the next 1.5 hours we stood packed in like sweating sardines. I was very proud of my seven-year-old daughter who handled this trying ordeal without having a meltdown.

A number of people who surrounded us again engaged my family under the assumption that we were traveling to the march. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people like us were in D.C. that weekend who supported Trump and rejected the politics of the marchers appeared to be lost on them. Liberals cannot seem to comprehend that moral, rational people could be pro-Trump and anti-March on Washington and so the marchers took it for granted that we were “with” them.

Our Arrival at the Smithsonian Metro Stop

Metro.jpgWhen we arrived at the Smithsonian Metro stop and the door to the cars opened allowing us to disembark the relief we felt was extreme. We did not know the worst was yet to come. We picked a station exit to walk toward and started moving along with the crowd. When we reached an escalator leading about thirty feet to the surface we found that a D.C. policeman had pulled a gate across the exit that blocked our progress. He told us we had to exit out the other side of the station. It was obvious why. There was no room at the top of the escalators for people to step off. Even though the escalators were shut off it would have been a safety risk to allow us to walk up only to remain stuck in place on the escalators. None of us were happy that we had to turn back around and walk to the opposite side of the Metro station. All but one of us remained calm and understood that we had no choice but to obey the instructions of the cop. One white female college student lost her mind. She hurled a string of expletives at the policeman and ended her tirade by telling him: “You’re not going to tell me I can’t march today.” As I watched and listened I wanted so badly for the self-righteous, self-important twit to go one step too far and get herself arrested for disorderly conduct. I am sure her parents are really proud that they have a daughter who talks like a teamster. She was a class act all the way.

The March

We did eventually make our way to the surface. I asked a D.C. policeman for directions to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. He pointed me toward a building surrounded by a crowd of marchers packed as densely as humanly possible. I picked up my child, grabbed my wife by the hand and we proceeded to make our way through the crowd.

Signs Carried by the Marchers and the Messages Scrawled on their Clothing

fuck sign.jpg

I quickly noticed that many of the signs carried by the marchers and messages scrawled on the clothing they wore were obscene. I saw numerous examples of the “f” word being proclaimed in association with Trump’s name. One young woman walked past us going the opposite direction with what amounted to a sandwich board covering her body with “F*#K TRUMP” written on it. I told her: “There are children present! Have some decently.” She offered me no response because there was no defending her sign.

pus photo.jpg

Even more present than the “f” word was the slang term for a woman’s genitals that begins with a “p.” As we navigated the crowd and circled the building we had been pointed to in search of an entrance I held my breath. My daughter does not know the “f” or “p” words but she does know how to sound them out. I knew that at any moment she might ask me what “f*#k” and/or p*&&y” means. An even greater concern was for our personal safety. If something caused a panic and a stampede resulted our lives would be at risk.

One twenty-something young man held a sign that read: “Abort!” He presumably felt it necessary to tell the world how much of an enthusiastic supporter he was of the killing of babies inside their mother’s womb. Another twenty-something male’s sign read: “40,000 Children are in Foster Care. Support Planned Parenthood.” He seemly feels it is better to kill babies than hand them over to loving foster families. 

Quite a few of the signs attempted to ridicule Trump on the basis of his appearance. Stopping “body shaming” has been one of the Left’s favorite causes of late. That the marchers felt it acceptable to go after Trump on the basis of his looks is another example of how Liberals embrace double standards.

A good number of marchers used signs and apparel to identify themselves as a “nasty woman.” From the looks of them I had no trouble believing they came as advertised.

A last thought on the rhetoric of the march I wish to share is that it reinforced the notion that Feminists think it is empowering for women to be vulgar. Why would they believe such a thing? It can only be because they feel women should behave more masculine. Unfortunately, it is the worst aspects of common male behavior (vulgarity, promiscuity, aggression and heavy drinking) that Feminists encourage in women.

We Were Going in the Wrong Direction

After what seemed like an eternity of passing through the assembled masses it occurred to me that we had been directed to the wrong building. We had to reverse course and retrace our steps. When we got to a point where the crowd was thinner I consulted a map. We were on the wrong side of the National Mall!

As we headed across the Mall I was able to take stock of everything I had seen. The marchers were 99% white.  All appeared to be middle-middle-class or upper-middle-class. Every one seemed to fit into one of several categories: lesbian couples, elderly hippies and people who were too young to have gained the wisdom and perspective necessary to understand how the world works. I was astonished at how many marchers had brought young children to the march some of whom were just infants.  All large crowds are potentially dangerous. These children were put at risk by the adults who brought them.

As we approached the front entrance to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History we realized that our ordeal was not yet over. The march route blocked our way into the museum! I looked left and right and saw that there was no break in the steel barriers that had been set up to separate the marchers from the spectators. If we respected the barriers we would have to walk either to the beginning or the end of the march before we could cross over. I had a quick conversation with my wife. We agreed that we had had enough of the craziness and need to get off the Mall and into the museum. “We’re going,” we decided. My wife grabbed one of the big barriers and gave a yank. She created an opening just big enough for a person to squeeze through. We dashed into the breach before the D. C. Police could stop us. Since the marchers were moving horizontal to us it was with much difficulty that we crossed the march route. Once on the other side we were again faced with the steel barriers. This time it was me who pulled them apart. Quick as a flash we were through, up the steps of the museum and inside the building. We agreed that we would not be going outside again until the museum closed at 5:30.

Our View from the Museum Entrance

Our Trip Back to Our Hotel

After leaving the museum we jumped on the Metro’s Red Line and began a trip to Metro Station. We again had to stand. My daughter stood facing a sitting women who still held her sign from the march. She assumed we had come from the march and began a conversation with my child. I could only hear bits and pieces of the exchange in the loud subway car but I could tell she was speaking about the politics of the march. In the packed car I was not able to move an inch and so could not politely intervene and steer the conversion toward something non-political.

Two or three stops later we exited at Metro Station. I picked up my child and asked her what she had said to the woman. She said that she had told her about the animals she saw at the museum. “Did you mention we came to Washington, D.C. because we support Trump?” I inquired. “No, I did not want to get into an argument,” was her matter-of-fact reply. She is a precocious little one.

trump rioters.jpg

When we transferred to the Blue Line we were all able to get seats. I sat down across from a woman in her late thirties with a daughter who looked to be about fourteen. The two were having a conversation with a gentleman who identified himself as a journalist. The mom explained that she had been accidentally caught up in the inauguration day riot that had been taken place to protest the free and fair election of Trump and the peaceful transition of power to a new president. A rioter who was wearing a mask and breaking windows with a hammer approached her and threatened: “I will beat your brains out unless you take off that Trump hat.” The Left loves to tell us Republicans that we are intolerant, angry, full of hate and potentially violent. They have it all backwards.

Both mother and daughter made the mistake of attending the march. Both believed the that the march was to be by all women and for all women. In reality it was an anti-Trump march conducted by Liberals most of whom were women. After arriving at the start of the march the daughter was told by a person running the march that she was not allowed to march because she wore a Trump hat. The mom and her daughter exited at the Crystal City stop with the journalist so he could interview both of them with his phone. I hope to find the video and post a link here.

Our Return Trip Home


I Love My Little Girl So Much!

On Sunday we began the day with a visit to Union Station to purchase some inaugural souvenirs. We bought my daughter a hat that read: “Future President.” We later visited the Smithsonian Museum of American History before returning to Union Station to catch an Amtrak train for the journey back home. My child’s wearing of the hat elicited positive comments from five different female strangers. One woman took my daughter’s photograph and three told us they would vote for her. Because of the buttons they wore, their general appearance and the things they said, I judged all to be Hillary supporters and march participants. They again assumed we shared their politics. Did they believe that no Republican family could possible purchase such a hat for their daughter?

Our train trip back to work and school was long and tedious. As we pulled into New York’s Penn Station, the isle of the train car was full with people getting ready to disembark. It was obvious that a number of them were women returning home after participating in the march. One woman noticed my daughter’s hat, leaned over, put her hand on my child’s back and asked both her and my wife if they had participated in the march. I had kept my politics to myself and held my tongue in public about them for two days. Now I could not resist. I conjured up my best Trump imitation and responded in a voice loud enough for everyone around us to hear: “Wrong!” My wife could not control herself and laughed so hard she almost pied her pants.

So closed the book on a fun family vacation and a living civics lesson for my daughter. Click here for my blog about my family’s experiences at the pre-inaugural concert and Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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boxed signs.jpg

Boxed Up Signs Outside of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Assertion that Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote, While True, Amounts to Propaganda

trump clinton.jpg

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, the Democrats have taken up the mantra of “Hillary won the popular vote.” A careful analysis of the election results indicate that this claim, while true, is very deceptive and typical of the dishonest political tactics of the Left.

The Libertarian Vote is Key to Understanding the Election

As of February 11, the popular vote percentages are as follows:

Hillary Clinton (Democrat) 48.03%

Donald Trump (Republican) 45.94%

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 3.27%

Jill Stein (Green) 1.06%

Evan McMullin (a Conservative Independent) .53%

Other 1.15%

Since Libertarians are closely linked with the Right, Greens with the Left and Evan McMullin is a Conservative who ran as an Independent, it is fair, for the sake of analysis, to add the Libertarian vote and McMullin’s votes to the Trump’s total and the Green vote to Clinton. When the popular vote is counted this way, we end up with 49.74% of the popular vote being cast for the Right and just 49.09% for the Left. This gives the Right a .65% edge.

Since the nation as a whole is about equally divided between the Right and the Left, it is probably safe to assume that the “Other” vote was equally divided between the Right and the Left as well. If we add half of the “Other” total to the Right and the Left totals we end up with 50.32% for the Right and 49.67% for the Left. We can assume, therefore, that in a two person race Trump would have won the majority of the popular vote and carried the additional states of Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada (which means every swing state except Minnesota, Maine and Virginia) and won by  a nineteen larger electoral vote margin. This would have given him 325 electoral votes to Clinton’s 213.

The bottom line is that the popular vote in this election represented a rejection of Left Wing politics of like those Clinton and the embracing of Right Wing politics like those of Trump. Clinton bested Trump in the popular vote only 2.09 percent. Clinton’s popular vote “victory” came by just a hair. If the Libertarian party had not more than tripled its .99% of the popular vote it earned 2012, and instead won less than 1.18%, she would have lost the popular vote as well. If McMullin had not run, Clinton still would have lost the popular vote if the Libertarian party had received no more than 1.71% of the vote.

The Electoral College System

When considering the significance of her popular vote “victory,” one must keep in mind that we decide our presidential election by the Electoral College system. Neither of the candidates conducted an election strategy designed to win the popular vote by maximizing the number of popular votes received. Therefore to proclaim that Clinton won the popular votes is like declaring her the winner of a game in which neither she nor Trump even participated.

While it may be technically correct to claim the Clinton “won” the popular vote, it is pure spin to use this fact in an attempt to delegitimize the mandate won by Trump and the Right on election day. Clinton did not “win” the popular vote because the people favored her but because the Libertarian candidate did so well at the polls and the Right Wing vote was divided among three candidates.


Since the above was written on November 12, 2016, it has been edited several times to reflect the changing vote tally.

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trump thumbs up.jpg

Super Tuesday and Voter Fraud

Super-Tuesday-Slider-copy.jpgIMG_0743.JPGThis is a photograph taken of the packed parking lot at my polling place.

My home state was one of those who held its primary this Super Tuesday. By primary standards the turnout appeared to be enormous!

Voter Turnout

When voter turnout is high bad election results usually come about. This is because the people who typically do not participate in elections are poorly educated and low information voters. When such people do go to the polls they make a bad choice. This is why we have had to suffer through over seven years of Barack Obama.

“Lost Voters”

Perhaps this year could be different. Some have argued that Donald Trump has been bringing to the polling stations many people who either have never voted or have rarely voted. If these same “lost voters” cast a ballot in November, a Republican may win by a comfortable margin regardless of which GOP candidate gets the nomination.

Privacy of the Ballot

I was asked to verbally confirm my party affiliation by a polling official. I was then given a ballot color-coded to my party. I believe that the privacy of the ballot is one of the most sacred aspects of our republic. I do not appreciate the fact that all of my neighbors know to which political party I belong. I do not recall such anti-privacy policies/regulations in past primary elections.

Governor John Kasich

IMG_0742.JPGThe only signs I saw at my polling place were Kasich signs.

As I pulled out of the parking lot of the high school where I voted two things occurred to me. The first was that I was surprised that the only signs I saw were for Ohio Governor John Kasich. This may be explained by the fact that the political heavyweight in my town endorsed him. The second was how fortunate I am to live in a country where I can vote in an election that will be fair as long as the urban Democrat political machines do not steal it.

Voter Fraud

All I had to do to vote was announce my name and address. I could have easily picked a name out of the obituaries, looked up the address of this person online, and voted illegally under the name of the dead person. This type of voter fraud happens a lot. It is why Republicans favor laws requiring people to show identification before voting. Democrats oppose such laws. This is because soccer moms and dads from the suburbs that vote Republican do not commit voter fraud. Almost 100% of the voter fraud we see every election happens in urban areas of the country and it all benefits the Democrats.

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IMG_0740.JPGAnother image of my polling place’s busy parking lot.

Thoughts on the Presidential Candidacy of Republican Senator Ted Cruz


After finishing first in the Iowa caucus and third in the New Hampshire primary, Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign has built up a head of steam. This makes me happy. I believe he would make the best president of all those running for the office. Read on to find out why.

A Principled Conservative

Although the 2013 federal government shutdown caused me considerable personal difficulties, I believe it was one of the most principled Conservative political stands of my lifetime. President Barack Obama has never been willing to compromise with the Republicans on anything and so was not going to give in this situation. After a week the point had been made and the GOP should have caved. That it was allowed to go on for sixteen days was a strategic mistake on behalf of Cruz. Nonetheless, the shutdown signaled Cruz as the standard bearer for Conservative ideology in the U.S. Congress.

Illegal Alien Amnesty, Citizenship and Voting Rights

With a single exception, I do not believe that Cruz has ever done anything to diminish his Conservative credentials. This one exception is, admittedly, a big one.

Cruz did, for a time, argue in support of a bill co-authored by fellow Republican presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio that would have granted illegal aliens amnesty and allowed them to eventually become U.S. citizens and voters.

What follows is text I wrote for a blog post on Rubio: “Illegal alien activists have done their best to downplay the number of such immigration criminals in the United States. The truth of the matter is that no one knows precisely how many illegals reside in the country but some have placed the number as high as thirty million. Regardless of how large the number is, what can be said with certainty is that if they become voters the Republican party, which offers opportunity and not handouts as the affirmative action supporting Democrats do, will never again win a presidential election. This is because 90% of these additional voters will cast their ballot for the Democrats.

The Democrats know this and it is why they are pushing so hard for citizenship for illegals. They have run this play before. In 1965, Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy completely rewrote the U.S. immigration policy. Prior to that time the vast majority of those who were allowed to relocate to the U.S. and become citizens and voters came from Europe. They were natural constituents of the Republican party. Kennedy’s rewrite of the law flipped things around. Ever after it has been very difficult for a person from Europe to gain citizenship and voting rights. Since the passage of Kennedy’s legislation in America the vast majority of new Americans have come from third world countries and have been natural constituents of the Democrat party.”

Cruz eventually came to oppose Rubio’s bill and went on record saying so. He has stated that he does not support amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens. I am willing to believe that he has seen the light on the issue.

Alleged Dirty Campaign Tactics

Recently Cruz and his campaign have been attacked for what has been referred to by some as “dirty” campaign tactics. I admire that Cruz seems to have a bit of Tony Saprano in him. For the last almost sixty years members of the Democrat party have often conducted their campaigns like street brawlers and fought for electoral office with a no-holds-barred approach. This has often given them an edge over Republicans whose campaigns typically reflect the manners of gentleman and gentleladies. I am certain Cruz, if he gets the nomination, will fight fire with fire and match whatever tactics the eventual Democrat nominee may use against him. We know the Clintons are dirty. It could get real ugly.


Another knock against Cruz is that he is alleged to be not liked by his fellow members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Cruz graduated near the top of every school he attended. Liberal icon Alan Dershowitz has said Cruz was the brightest law student he ever had at the Harvard Law School. He has argued nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Cruz has performed very well in debates. There can be no doubt he is the smartest person running for president in either party.

People as smart as Cruz are often arrogant, aloof and dismissive. It would not surprise me if he is as unlikeable as his critics claim. Why in the world would this matter to a voter? When I vote in my own state primary I will not be casting a ballot for the person I think would make the best friend. I will be voting for my party’s nominee.

When I vote this primary season I will be voting for Ted Cruz because he is the most Conservative candidate running and therefore will make the best president of the bunch. I hope you will as well.

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A Review of Episode (“My Struggle”) One of the Return Run of “The X-Files” (No Major Spoilers are Revealed Below)

x files 2016.jpgAfter all these years Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) are back for a six-episode miniseries. After watching episode one, however, it remains uncertain whether it will be worth investing the time in the next five installments set to air.

The X-Files Past

Although I have never believed in UFOs, government conspiracies or the paranormal I was always a big fan of The X-Files. Quality storytelling, impressive special effects and high production values sucked me in when the show burst on the scene in 1993, kept my interest until it went off the air and even drew me into the movie theater for two forgettable The X-Files feature films. It was with great interest, then, that I sat down to watch the first episode of the six-episode The X-Files miniseries that debuted last night on FOX.

The Intro

The program begins with a segment that sums all that has already transpired in the world of The X-Files and sets the stage for what is to come. I can hardly find the words to describe how good these first few minutes were to watch. Enthralling, captivating, hypnotic, and cinematic are just four that spring to mind. For fans it was as if the show had never left the air. Those unfamiliar with the series were brought up to speed. I imagined everyone watching was ready to have our socks knocked off.

Bashing the Right

What came next was a string of very offensive insults directed toward Republicans and Conservatives. After what seemed like the tenth shot had been taken at the Right I had decided that this review would be limited to just three words: “#*&@ The X-Files.” By the time I finished watching the episode I had changed my mind. The program did not deserve to be dismissed so easily.

Monster of the Week


Though most would probably associate the show with extraterrestrials, early in the series’ run many plots were centered around other subjects. The X-Files was at its best when mythical creatures such as the Jersey Devil were brought to life or monsters created in the fertile minds of the show’s writers became the program’s star for an episode.


Mulder and Scully

The dynamic that existed between Mulder and Scully and how it shaped the series was another factor that made the show so special. Mulder was always a “believer” who was ready to accept paranormal, otherworldly and conspiratorial explanations for the cases the two FBI agents handled. Scully argued for the skeptics viewpoint grounded in known science. The audience was left to decide for her or himself which of the two presented a more believable argument in the context of the program.


Changes in the Show

As The X-Files went on and the seasons past, the show shifted more and more of its focus toward UFOs and UFO-related conspiracies and away from all other topics. In the series’ final season, which concluded in 2002 only two episodes had no relation to UFOs.

Another change that took place over the course of the program was that Scully went from becoming a skeptic to a “believer.” As a consequence of these two major evolutions of the show, The X-Files lost much of its luster and became a shadow of its former self. It nonetheless never ceased to be worth watching and much better TV than most of what else was on television at the time.

Hopes for the Future

When I learned that The X-Files was coming back to television, I hoped that the show would return to what made it great. Scully, of course, could never go back to being an all-out skeptic. However, devoting some episodes to something other than “little green men” certainly seemed doable.

Perhaps considering what The X-Files became by 2002, episode one simply could not have centered around anything but aliens. Despite my disappointment at this fact the program did make for enjoyable TV. I will be watching tonight and hope to see Mulder and Scully chasing Bigfoot through the Pacific Northwest.

Advice for Chris Carter

If The X-Files creator and primary writer, “tolerant” Liberal Chris Carter, wants to bring the series back to TV on a permanent basis he would do well to remember that at least half of those who watch television will vote Republican in November. If the remaining five episodes of The X-Files include more jabs at Republicans and Conservatives The X-Files may well alienate a large portion of its audience and fail in the ratings for the same reason that The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is tanking.

This is not what I want. I want something similar to The X-Files of the mid-1990s, but will probably enjoy shows about “little green men” as well as long as they do not come with a dose of blue state men’s politics.

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It Hurts to Say it, but Ohio Governor John Kasich is the G.O.P.’s Best Chance for Victory in 2016


Governor John Kasich is too Liberal for my taste. He is also the Grand Old Party’s smartest bet for winning the presidency in November.

Liberal Policies and Views

Kasich’s Liberal policies as governor of Ohio have been well-documented. Just this morning he made me want to pull an Elvis on my TV when he stated he thought nanny state devote Michael Bloomberg had been a good mayor of New York.

Yet the major party candidate who earns the most independent votes carries the election every time. Kasich’s Liberal performance in Ohio should allow him to get more independent votes nationwide than a more Conservative candidate could.

A Very Likeable Fellow

Furthermore, he is also a very likeable fellow. Elections are popularity contest and likeable fellows often triumph in them.

The G.O.P. Needs Ohio

Kasich was a popular Ohio congressman for many years and is also a man who has been able to take two successive gubernatorial elections in Ohio with large numbers of independent and Democrat voters. This matters because it signals that if he were to be the Republican’s candidate Ohio would likely go for the G.O.P. No Republican presidential candidate has ever won the general election without winning Ohio. The likelihood is that the same dynamic will be in play in the next election.

President Barack Obama has done major damage to this country. Because incumbents are very hard to defeat, if a Democrat wins in November, it could mean sixteen straight years of Liberalism. It scares me to think on what the country might look like after such a string of misguided Leftist policies. We cannot take the risk. Grand Old Party primary voters must throw their support behind Kasich.

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 I also have a channel called: “Ride the Bomb!” See

I believe in free speech and so I approve all blog comments. No exceptions.