Not Much to See Here: Thoughts on “The Walking Dead” Season 6, Episode 15: “East”


Episode 15 of season 6 of “The Walking Dead” (“East”) was most disappointing and probably the worst installment of the season. It could have been titled: “Not Much to See Here.” The show nonetheless offered much to write upon.

The Symbolism of Maggie’s Hair Cut


In the first few minutes of “East” we see a shower scene with Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) that highlights her exceptional feminine beauty.


In the last several minutes of the episode we are shown Maggie’s gorgeous long brown hair being chopped off and her ending up with a man’s haircut.  Of her new hairdo she remarks: “I have to keep going and I don’t want anything getting in my way.” On the surface, what she refers to is the possibility of her long hair getting in the way. However, what “The Walking Dead” is really telling us is that for Maggie to become successful as the leader of the group she must give up her femininity. The underlying theme behind this position is one that has been featured in other installments this season. It is the strongly held Leftist notion that women should become more masculine. A corollary is that men should be more feminine. This idea is once again given expression in the character of Tobin, portrayed by Jason Douglas. When his love interest, Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride) leaves Alexandria, he remains behind the safety of the community’s walls rather than go out after her. Before leaving this subject, I must mention that having a cast member who is a teenage girl (Katelyn Nacon as Enid) cut off Maggie’s hair made the haircut some sort of a weird goddess ritual.

Maggie as Leader of the Core Group of Survivors

This season we have been introduced to the notion that Maggie has been stepping up, has demonstrated her capacity for leadership and has been recognized by the entire group, including Rick, as being the person who should lead them. I have never missed an episode of “The Walking Dead” and yet I never recall Maggie showing any unusual leadership qualities. Rick has always been the obviously leader. Could it be that the concept of Maggie as leader has been clumsily shoehorned into the series this season because Hillary Clinton has long been the favorite for the Democrat nomination for president?

Carol, the Saviors and Firearms


Carol again going to pieces when she encounters the Saviors represented more disheartening and non-believable out of character behavior for her. The worst was yet to come as far as a lack of believability that took the audience partly out of the show.


Carol’s rigging up an automatic weapon inside her jacket was not just childish in its absurdity it was a downright impossibility. The same can be said for her firefight with the Saviors.


One has to assume that the creative people behind “The Walking Dead” are typical of the entertainment industry and have never even held a working firearm let alone fired one. Such people do not understand that unless one is shooting at a very close range or has the luck of a lottery winner, hitting a human sized target is not going to be accomplished unless a weapon is aimed properly.

I explain shooting thusly: Imagine a taunt rope that extends from the center of your eye to the target. First bring the weapon up to eye level and level it along the line of the rope. This is done by closing one eye, looking down the barrel of the weapon and sighting the firearm using front and rear sights. All that is left is to exhale, hold your breath and keep the weapon as still as possible while pulling the trigger. Things get more complicated at long ranges but for the purposes of this discussion it is not necessary to go further.



That Carol could fire an automatic weapon from waist level and considerable distance and kill two Saviors outright and wound another two seriously was laughable. It was only the most recent example of a great many instances of characters from “The Walking Dead” firing off weapons without properly aiming them and still managing to hit what is being shot at.

The idea that knowing how to handle firearms expertly is a key to survival has been a constant theme in “The Walking Dead.” It is therefore an embarrassment that the people in charge of the show apparently feel such hostility toward “those NRA types” that they have never hired one to teach the cast how to consistently wield weapons in a realistic manner. A firearms instructor could also rid the show of the numerous annoying scenes in which individuals who are dipicted as having had expert firearms training are seen holding and carrying loaded weapons in ways that are contrary to good gun safety.

“The Walking Dead” and Religion


It is surprising that the show adopted a plot line in which Carol’s Catholicism has moved her to go to great lengths in an attempt to avoid having to do any further killing. It is unusual for television to say anything positive about Christianity and even more rare to depict the Catholic faith in a manner that is not condemnatory. After the conflict with the Saviors, Carol’s rosary is found on the ground by a surviving Savior. Has she abandoned her faith? Between the Saviors, Jesus, Morgan Jones (Lennie James)  and Carol, I still fail to see what “The Walking Dead” has been trying to tell us about religion this season. Perhaps the series’ writers are conflicted about religion and it is for this reason that they have offered us a number of different and conflicting themes about the subject.

Morgan as the Conscience of “The Walking Dead”


Morgan tells Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, (and the audience): “All life is precious.” I must call out the show for being hypocrites. I do so because people in television usually have very little regard for the lives of unborn children inside their mother’s wombs and consider abortion to be no more serious than cutting one’s toe nails.

Daryl Dixon


For six years now Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, has been depicted as the ultimate woodsmen and tracker and a person who is more at home outdoors than in. It strained credibility that he could be not just snuck up on by Dwight (Austin Amelio)  but shot from behind from close range.

Ending the episode with the audience uncertain about whether Dwight has murdered Daryl was a cheap stunt that was unbecoming of a successful and wonderfully entertaining series such as “The Walking Dead.” I do not believe fans of Daryl have anything to worry about. Daryl has always been the most popular character on the program and so it seems highly unlikely that he would be killed off. There is precedent for actors on hit shows becoming bored and wanting off to pursue other professional opportunities. If this were to be the case with Reedus, I would guess that what we would see is an arrangement similar to that struck between David Duchovny and “The X-Files” as the first run of that series wound down. Duchovny wanted to leave the show but was convinced to agree to appear in one out of every three or four episodes during the last one or two seasons of the program. Duchovny’s limited appearances in the show was a major reason why the quality of “The X-Files” trailed off so much after he ceased to be a regular cast member. Because “The Walking Dead” has had an ensemble cast, I do not think it would suffer all that much if Daryl becomes just a semi-regular character going forward.

Although we do not witness Daryl getting shot by Dwight, we do see Dwight fire in Daryl’s direction and then hear a thud suggesting a body hitting the ground.  Dwight’s remark after the shot is clearly a clue to the viewer: “He’ll be alright.,” he states. Expect to see Daryl in next week’ season finale alive but seriously wounded. He will be back next season in some capacity or other.

Blood Splatter


Just after Daryl is shot we see stage blood splattered on the camera lens. This pointless gimmick was annoying when we first witnessed it. Now it is intolerable.

I predict that next week’s season finale will be one for the history books and make us forget this very weak episode. Five days is too long to have to wait! Watch it with me and check back in with my blog if you are interested in my thoughts on the episode.

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The Nazis and Islam

hitler grand mufte.jpgGrand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler in 1941


Back in January, I blogged about the historical connection between Islam, Muslim terrorists and the Nazis. Since my comments were made in a post about a television show, they would likely only have been read by those interested in the program. For this reason I decided to restate my arguments in this new blog post. On January 14 I wrote:

hitler grand mufte3.jpgGrand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini and Adolf Hitler


“During World War II Islamic world leaders were allies of Hitler. These Muslim leaders wanted to bring his Final Solution to the Middle East. It was no coincidence that after the fall of Germany some key Nazi’s fled to the region. Such men taught the first wave of Islamic terrorists the terror tactics honed by “elite” German units as the war wined down. Today’s Muslim terrorists are their successors. [It is not a coincidence that] in 2016 Mein Kampf remains the bestseller it has always been in the Arab world.”

Bundesarchiv_Bild_101III-Alber-164-18A,_Großmufti_Amin_al_Husseini,_Heinrich_Himmler.jpgGrand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini and Heinrich Himmler in 1943


We can neither understand the present nor see a clear path into the future unless we are cognizant of the past. It is only by realizing the link between the Nazis and Islamic terrorists that we can grasp and address both the Arab-Israeli dispute and Muslim terrorism.

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grand mufte.jpgGrand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini inspects the troops



Eugene Bites: Thoughts on “The Walking Dead” Season 6, Episode 14: “Twice as Far”


Episode 14 of season 6 of “The Walking Dead” (“Twice as Far”) was absolutely enthralling. Perhaps the best way to tease what is to come is to mention that it included what has to be one of the weirdest and funniest lines ever spoken in the history of television.

Great Walker Makeup


There was some more great walker makeup this installment that begs to be highlighted. A walker with a lead helmet made for one of best ever seen on the program.

Rosita Espinosa


Christian Serratos  turned in a strong performance as Rosita Espinosa. She has quietly done her job well since joining the cast.

Dr. Denise Cloyd


That the community allowed Dr. Denise Cloyd (Merritt Wever), the only person in Alexandria with medical experience, to leave the safety of its walls for any reason was ridiculous. Her stated reason, that she knew the names of drugs needed by the group, was too silly to have been convincing. She could have written down the names of medicines. The moment she set foot out of Alexandria the believability level of the show dipped.

Daryl “Mr. Cool” Dixon


Watching Daryl “Mr. Cool” Dixon (Norman Reedus) struggle to drive a truck with a manual transmission was a very funny touch. That “The Walking Dead” did not take the joke to its logical conclusion is inexplicable. A quick cutaway showing something other than the interior of the truck followed by a return to the truck and a view of Darryl in the passenger seat and Denise driving would have elicited a second round of laughter.

Denise’s Murder


Denise’s murder had to be one of the most shocking moments in the entire run of the show. That “The Walking Dead” continues to surprise its viewers is one of the reasons it has kept such a large audience for so long.



Seeing Dwight (Austin Amelio) on our television screens was another one of the episode’s surprises.  He represents a return to the all-white male top tier villains standard the show has set. Paula appears to have been just a one episode departure from the show’s norm.

Dr. Eugene Porter’s  Evolution


Dr. Eugene Porter’s  (Josh McDermitt) evolution into a new person has been most welcome and entertaining. His doing what Sgt. Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz, would call out of the box thinking led to one of the weirdest and funniest lines ever spoken in the history of television. Ford tells Eugene: “You know how to bite a d#*k, Eugene. I mean that with the utmost of respect.”


After Eugene is shot we see him having to be carried away. We wondered if he would survive. A few minutes later we learn that he was only “grazed” by a single bullet. If he was only “grazed” why did he need to be carried off?



In contrast to the character ark of Eugene, in this installment we see the further disappointing character development of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride). Carol decides she does not want to kill for the people of Alexandria ever again and so leaves the community. It is too farfetched to believe that Carol, who as I stated in commentary on an earlier episode this season, evolved into the ultimate pragmatist and realist when it came to surviving a zombie apocalypse, would become a person who would do such a thing.  The last two episodes informed us that it was Carol’s religion which caused her transformation. I have never missed an installment of the show and never recall Carol’s spirituality to have been referenced in any way until this season. To use it as a key plot device six seasons into the show seems cheap. So too does having Carol run off. She has always been one of the best and most important characters in the series. She will be back just as happened the last time she separated from the main core group of survivors.

As Good as Ever


Six seasons in “The Walking Dead” is as good as ever. It is too bad that prejudice against the horror genre will prevent the show from ever getting all the credit is deserves.

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The Catholic Church and its Teachings on Homosexual Sex, Gay Marriage and Abortion


The teachings of the Catholic Church regarding homosexual sex, gay marriage and abortion are widely misunderstood and have been often misrepresented. In this post my aim is to explain these subjects in the most plain language possible.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual sex is a sin. This is because it has no connection to procreation and cannot occur within a marriage recognized by the Church since marriage is believed to be intended for procreation. Since gay marriage cannot lead to a child being conceived, it is viewed by the Catholic Church as against God’s will and so not recognized by the Catholic Church.

It must be pointed out, however, that the Catholic Church believes that we are all sinners and so no person engaged in a homosexual relationship is barred from attending a church service.

The Catholic Church believes that all life is sacred. For this reason abortion is viewed as murder.

Why cannot the American Left accept that there is an endless variety of Christian churches and if a person is not happy with the teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, or any other subject, she or he can simply find and join a different church more to their liking? I cannot leave this subject without pointing out that those who cry the loudest about what they perceive as a lack of tolerance for Islam are the same people who have the least tolerance for Christians and Catholics in particular.

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Thoughts on “The Walking Dead” Season 6, Episode 13: “The Same Boat” (Some Spoilers are Revealed Below)


Episode thirteen of the sixth season of “The Walking Dead” (“The Same Boat”) will go down as one of the most memorable in the show’s history. Unusual storytelling techniques, very scary characters, constant tension and a strong plot all made for a wonderful hour of programing. As good as it was, the installment did have some irritating moments for which “The Walking Dead” deserves criticism.

Creative Touches

Beginning the “The Same Boat” several minutes before the end of last week’s installment was a creative touch. The same can be said for scenes which followed and depicted the conclusion of last week’s episode  from the perspective of characters not seen in last week’s show.



The “Saviors” were chilling and reinforced the reoccurring theme of “The Walking Dead” that in a world where all civilization breaks down the living are more dangerous than zombies. The ruthlessness and stone-cold heart of the Saviors leader, Paula, ably played by Alicia Witt, made her frightening.



It was no surprise that Paula was white for 100% of the series’ top tier villains over six seasons have been so. Such casting is another way for the program to prove its Leftist bona fides. Paula’s gender was a first for a prominent villain of “The Walking Dead.” In a strange way I think female bad women like Paula represent a feminist statement. She thinks of her “boyfriend” as no more than a sex toy. In feminist’s eyes men are superfluous. One Angela Kang wrote “The Same Boat.” Is she an admirer of Lorena Bobbitt?

We learn in the episode that Paula was a secretary before the zombie apocalypse. Was Kang telling the audience that if not for sexism in America secretaries like Paula could live up to their full murderous potential? Will we continue down this bad woman road and see next week a female character lie about a rape allegation or are some aspects of the cult of true womenhood still held sacred by those behind “The Walking Dead?”



After the Saviors put jackets over the heads of Carol Peletier, portrayed by Melissa McBride and Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan) and begin the journey to a “safe house,” the camera shifts to the perspective of both women. The views of both Carol and Maggie, which are limited to the ground at their feet, proved to be a potent technique to raise the tension felt by the audience throughout the entire hour.

Frustrating Dialog


It was after the safe house is reached that the viewers were subjected to some frustrating dialog. The pregnant Maggie asks: “When was it ever smart to get knocked up?” The take away is meant to be that even before the zombie apocalypse, women who had children were stupid. Here we have an example of the Leftists in the entertainment industry denigrating motherhood and women who get married, have children and stay home to raise them. Maggie follows up her question with the line: “Women used to just die in child birth and they always thought the world was going to end.” The ignorance expressed by Angela Kang, who presumably came up with this piece of dialog, is appalling. Giving birth is the most natural thing in the world that a woman could do for if women ceased to do it the human specious would become extinct. Child birth is actually not all that dangerous for women at all. In fact, it is only in very recent history that doctors were even present when a child was born. Traditionally, women gave birth at home attended only by a midwife. Pregnancy is not a malady. There has never been a time in history when women in large numbers died while giving birth or believed that the “world was going to end.” I assume there was a clumsy attempt at a statement on abortion somewhere in there.



While being held captive Carol falls to pieces.  Her crying, hyperventilating, and betraying that the fact that Maggie was with child was so out of character for her that it took me out of the show for a period. The ultimate realist, pragmatists and all-around coolheaded person that Carol has evolved into over the course of six seasons would never come apart as she does in the installment. Considering other themes of “The Same Boat,” it is fitting that Carol’s motherly, or grandmotherly insticts, account for her weakness.

Double Standards

While Carol is behaving out of character, a woman Savior remarks: “Guys can’t handle pain.” The comment was a prime example of the double standards upheld by the Left. Concepts which entail that the basic biology of men and women make them different are acceptable to the Left as long as they are complimentary toward women and derogatory toward men.

Religion and “The Walking Dead”

Religion played a big role in Carol’s experiences in “The Same Boat.” Religion seems to have been a theme in every recent episode but just what “The Walking Dead” is trying to communicate visa vie religion during the season is not clear to me. I have no choice but to default to the 2012 “The Walking Dead “ installment in which viewers were shown a large number of walkers sitting in church pews. The not so subtle message intended to be conveyed was that all religious people are zombies.

A patronizing tone and forced Leftist social engineering have been features of a great many episodes of “the Walking Dead.” Despite this fact the show is still one of the best things on television. Give me more!

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