The Berkeley “March 4 Trump” Represented a Turning Point

Trump sup shield2.jpg

Ever since leftist protesters prevented Donald Trump’s Chicago rally one year ago, I have been arguing that Trump Supporters must turn the tactics of the left against them. I renewed my call after Antifa shut down talks by Conservative activists, Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes. I believe the Berkeley “March 4 Trump” represented a turning point and from here on in the left will be made to taste its own medicine.

Every indication is that when Trump supporters gathered for the “March 4 Trump” in Berkeley they did not intend to commit any violent acts. However, when confronted by 200-250 anti-Trump protesters, including many members of the black-clad Antifa, who have pledged themselves to violent attacks against Trump supporters, they were ready.

The man of the hour was undoubtedly a person I referred to on Twitter and Facebook as Captain America because he wielded a shield emblazoned with “Old Glory” and a “V” for victory during the march.

Trump sup shield.jpg

Above is a good shot of him in action. You will notice that he wore eye protection to defend against Antifa’s frequent use of mace and pepper spray. His respirator is explained by the fact that Antifa has thrown smoke bombs and other fireworks during violent protests. Captain America also had on a hard helmet, knee pads and shin guards. All were wise choices considering the extreme mob violence we have seen from Antifa. His identity is concealed just like an Antifa member.

Trump sup shield3.jpg

In this image you can see him using mace or pepper spray against Antifa. You will also note that he wore a backpack. I am sure it was full of educational tools useful in teaching important lessons to members of Anita.

Trump shiled 4.png

It is hilarious that Captain America taped two tiny flags to the pole he used to defend himself against Antifa . For those who are not aware, the Antifa jerks have been bringing flags to violent protests so that they can use the flagpoles to beat Trump supporters over the head. This gentleman’s “flagpole” was a great FU to all of them.

My personal favorite video to come out of the Berkeley “March 4 Trump” has been widely shared on social media. It shows Captain American breaking his “flagpole” over the head of an Antifa member. I am certain the jerk who was hit woke up with a very bad headache the next day. Let us hope he now understands that it was foolish to think that a beta male Liberal wussy boy like him who has never been in a fair fight in his life could brawl with men.

I believe that going forward Captain American will serve as in inspiration for us all. More than anyone else he will be remembered as the symbol of the turning point represented by the Berkeley “March 4 Trump.”

I wish to close by stating, as I have done before, that I am not advocating that Trump supporters should do anything illegal. What I am saying is that we should stand up for ourselves and fight back using all of the tactics the left uses against us. If we cause the left to pay a steep enough price for its tactics our opponents will come to see that it is not worth it to continue along this track, and we as a nation can return to a more civil political engagement.


The Internet has dubbed the man I called Captain American “BasedStickMan.” He has been identified as Texas native and Daly City, California resident, Kyle Chapman. Sad to say, the Berkeley police arrested Chapman as a result of his standing up to Antifa and he is now facing several felony charges. This is a disgusting development considering the fact that last month the liberal Berkeley authorities apparently ordered the police to stand down and do nothing to stop Antifa from using violence to prevent Conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the university. If you can afford to contribute to his legal defense fund please click this link. This fund has already been used to help Chapman make bail. Thank you Please also show your support by Tweeting out and posting on Facebook the hashtag “#BasedStickMan.”


Chapman was interviewed yesterday on The Gavin McInnes Show. He stated that the charges against him have not been dropped, he is facing five felonies and could serve prison time if convicted. Let us hope all the charges get dismissed. Chapman also stated he does not consider himself a “hero.” I think many would disagree with him. He finished the interview by inviting everyone to join him in Berkeley at noon on April 15 for a “Freedom Rally.”


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Trump Supporters Must Stand-Up to Anti-Trump Protesters and Activists

NYU riots.jpg

On March 13, 2016, I blogged about leftists shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally, argued that the tactics of the left will get more and more extreme, dirty and uncivil as we moved closer to November election and offered a road-map for how Republicans should respond. Although my timetable was wrong, presumably due to the fact that the left swallowed the narrative that Trump had no chance of electoral victory, my prediction ultimately was correct and we now face a level of political violence and left wing activism unseen since the Vietnam Era. Trump supporters must stand-up to anti-Trump protesters and activists or the country will be lost.

What’s Happening

Berckly riots12.jpg
Trump supporter getting maced during the University of California, Berkeley riots.

Trump supporters are being hit with mace and pepper spray and are even suffering physically assault. Attempts by Conservative speakers to exercise their First Amendment rights are being shut down by anti-Trump rioters who commit arson, extensive vandalism and attempt to inflict injury upon police officers. Even “peaceful” protesters have pledged themselves to making the U.S. “ungovernable” and support the use of the boycotts and blacklisting to destroy pro-Trump persons and entities. I am certain things will get much worse still. It is only a matter of time before the left commits bombings and killings. More than a few people will be die.

A Way Forward

Berckly riots10.jpg
If the fascists protesters  like those who took to the streets at the University of California, Berkeley truly want a war, I say let us give them one.

If the left forces the termination of one business leader who supports Trump’s policies we must make sure two executives who support Liberal causes get fired. If one Trump supporter gets terminated from her or his job for expressing Trumpian views on social media we must make certain two Liberals suffer the same fate for exposing Liberal positions. Trump voters must boycott all individuals and businesses who have expressed anti-Trump views. If the left protests a Conservative speaker such as Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulos or Gavin McInnes we must protest twice as many Liberal lecturers. If the left pays one hundred people to protest Trump we need to pay two hundred to show up in support of him. It must be insisted upon that law enforcement and the legal system treat protesters with the heaviest hand allowable by law.

We Must Put the Days of Country Club Mannered Republicans Behind Us

Trump supporters.jpg

Gone must be the days of country club mannered Republicans. Republican politicians must be pushed to become more like their Machiavellian Democrat colleagues and be prepared to do what is necessary to not just hold on to political power but to increase the party’s power from the local up through the federal level. The “nuclear option” for judges should be considered mandatory. More Gerrymandering and voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud are a must. A reformation of voting laws to make voter fraud more easily detected and more sever punishments for those convicted of it that will serve as a greater deterrent are necessary. Our immigration system, which now favors people who are automatic constituents of the Democrat party, must be changed to one that is more favorable to individuals who are more likely to become Republican voters. (A system which gives preference to those with the knowledge and skills we need more of regardless of what nation they come from should do the trick.) Trump must reinstate the “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” Cuba policy Obama ended since Cuban-Americans make great Americans and they can be counted on to help the GOP in future elections in Florida which are crucial to presidential contests. Republicans must work for the passage of a Constitutional amendment which ends the granting of citizenship to the children of non-citizens born on American soil since the majority of such persons eventually become Democrats.

It must be a new day and a new GOP. I do not advocate violence or anything illegal. However, the Anti-Trump radicals should be made to know that if they get physical with us we will respond in kind and they will be pay a price. They are no more than bullies and must be dealt with as all bullies must be.

Monuments to Moderates are Only Found in Cemeteries


As I wrote back on March 13, 2016:  “The only monuments you will find to moderates are found in cemeteries. Moderates need to stand aside and stay out of the way of those of us who are pragmatic enough to use tactics the Anti-Trump forces use to try and beat us against them. I hereby pledge myself to the fight. Where do you stand?

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Berckly riots6.jpg

Fascist thugs who prevented Milo from exercising his First Amendment rights at University of California, Berkeley.

“Mattress Girl’s” Rape Allegation is Homophobic in the American Left’s Definition of the Word


For the sake of those who may have forgotten, Emma “mattress girl” Sulkowicz was the Columbia University student who accused fellow student Paul Nungesser of rape several years ago. What seems to have been lost on all commentators is her rape allegation is homophobic in the American Left’s definition of the word. Confused? Read on and you will understand my argument.

“Mattress Girl’s” Claims

Sulkowicz claimed that while having consensual sex with her, Nungesser withdrew his penis from her vagina and inserted it into her anus.  She maintained that since he did not request permission before doing so, his action constituted rape.

“Mattress Girl” and Homophobia

“Mattress girl” has never disputed that she consented to get naked with Nungesser, climb into bed with him and engage in vaginal intercourse. Her position is that the consent she did provide to Nungesser did not include consent to be anally penetrated, and that he required additional consent for anal sex. It is not enough to say that “mattress girl” therefore considers anal sex to be outside of what is implied when a woman consents to a sexual encounter with a man. Implied in Sulkowicz’s rape claim is that anal sex, which has been traditionally been associated manly with homosexual sex, is so abnormal and outside the realm of heterosexual behavior that it is indefensible for any man to assume that any woman who wishes to have sex with him would want to have anal sex with him unless she explicitly states she does. The American Left has long told us that homosexuality is no different than heterosexuality, that homosexual sex is no different than heterosexual sex and that to believe any differently is homophobic.  By this definition then, “mattress girl’s” rape allegation is indisputably homophobic. Since it is presumably safe to assume that Sulkowicz, like the good Liberal she is, claims to be a champion when it comes to showing tolerance of homosexuals, she is just the latest of a long line of hypocrites on the American Left.

Paul Nungesser

In my opinion, if Nungesser did do what Sulkowicz said he did, without first asking if she would object, he was in the wrong. Again, by the American Left’s definition of the term that makes me homophobic as well.

The writer, entertainer and talk show host Gavin McIness described what Nungesser is said to have done as “bad sportsmanship.” It was a hilarious line. It also did not go far enough. I believe what Nungesser did, if he did in fact do it, might be better described as “bad form.” The truth is, however, that I do not now what to call it. What I do know for certain is that Nungesser did not commit any crime. The authorities agree since despite the best efforts of “mattress girl,” Nungesser has never been in any legal trouble. (He was also not punished by Columbia.) However, Sulkowicz’s decision to carry a mattress all around campus destroyed the reputation of Nungesser and branded him with the scarlet “R” for rapist. This makes her the only one of the two guilty of a crime.

“Mattress girl” and her legions of supporters are just one example of the type of double standards the American Left upholds on a daily basis. I hope to write on more of them soon so please check back with my blog in the near future.


As a postscript, I first want to add that during the time that proceeded the sexual encounter between Sulkowicz and Nungesser, “mattress girl” sent Nungesser a series of very flirtatious messages including one in which she expressed her desire to have anal sex with him again.

Several months ago “mattress girl” released a reenactment of the rape which was actually a pornographic video. It appears she was so traumatized by Nungesser that she had to relive the events of her encounter with him before a camera and release it to the world on the Web.

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