A Quick Take on Trans Bathroom Access: An Example of How Liberals Put Our Safety in Danger


The other day I took my young child for lunch at IHOP. My wife stayed home. She needed some “me time.”

After the two of us finished eating, my daughter had to use the bathroom. I live in a Liberal state with trans-friendly bathroom access laws. When she went in to the restroom I had to stand outside the door and hope there was not a male pervert inside waiting for her.

Back when we as a nation were more sane, it was a crime for a man to be in women’s room for any reason. Any man caught in a women’s bathroom was arrested unless he had a very good explanation for being there.

As the law now stands in my home state, any pervert man can go into a women’s room and if he is questioned by the police can escape arrest and prosecution by simply stating that he “identifies” as a woman. The problem with this is that there is no such thing as a trans identity card, there is no legal definition of what constitutes a trans person and the Left believes that the gender a person “identifies” with can literally, justifiably and understandably change from one minute to the next. Any male pervert who chooses can lurk in a women’s room and pose as a trans person if the police are called. (He does not have to even dress as a woman.)

When a father cannot enjoy a day out with his daughter without worrying about things such as this we are truly living in a world turned upside down. I hate those who have put my child’s safely in danger. There was a time when I just disagreed with such people. Now I hate them.

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