Can’t Figure Out Carly Fiorina

2_162015_ap3580210662608201.jpgIt does not do justice to CEO turned presidential candidate Carly Fiorina to say she has an answer ready for every question. Her ready answer is always the perfect answer and the choice of words in her responses is flawless. She is the first candidate I have ever observed that simply cannot be stumped by any questioner.


This being the case, it alludes me why she has done so poorly at the polls even with several very strong debate performances under her belt. Some have described her as unlikeable. When I vote in my local primary and general election I will not be voting for a friend. I will be casting my ballot for a chief executive. I do not care at all about Fiorina’s level of social skills. We have had almost eight years of a slick, charismatic president and find the nation in a terrible spot.

Never Held Elected Office

It could be that GOP party members are holding the fact that Fiorina has never held elected office against her. When Barack Obama won the presidency he had literally never run anything or been in charge of anyone. The manager at your local fast-food restaurant had more executive and managerial experience than he did when he assumed office. It should come as no surprise that he has been one of the country’s worst presidents.

Although Fiorina cannot claim to have been an office holder she is someone who rose from secretary to CEO at a Fortune 500 company. She has many, many years’ experience as a manager and executive. She would make a great chief executive of the United States. It is a sad mystery to me why the voters do not agree.

With the opening of primary season just a short time off, it appears to be a safe bet that Fiorina will not be the eventual Republican nominee. Fiorina’s supporters can take heart, however, because it could be that she may nonetheless have a role to play in this election cycle. I will be blogging about her again very soon.

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My Two Cents on Billionaire Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump

trump thumbs up.jpgIt could very well be that when all is said and done Donald Trump will have received more media coverage than any presidential candidate in U.S. history. A good deal of what has been written and uttered about him has been nonsense. I wish to have my say on the man and hope to write something meaningful.

Pre-Politics Trump

Many of us who live or have lived in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area know Trump from before he became a reality TV star and subsequently became heavily involved in politics. We can recall that over the years Trump has gone on record with many Liberal statements and positions and even publicly supported Democrat politicians.

Trump Version 2.0

During this campaign season Trump has taken very Conservative positions on the issues of the day. I like much of what I have heard. Trump’s supporters have assumed that Trump version 2.0 is “The [real] Donald” and his conversion is genuine. I have my doubts despite his campaign rhetoric. I believe that that which is good for business and the economy are the only issues Trump is truly passionate about. This is not a bad thing. The average household income of Americans is lower now than when Barack Obama took office. The percentage of able-bodied Americans in the workforce is lower than at any time since the 1970s. Obama’s economic policy has been a disaster for the nation. A president like Trump who is Conservative when it comes to business and the economy could turn the country around.

However, I am certain that on all other issues, a Trump presidency would reflect the views of his cabinet, advisers and vice president. If he selects a Liberal Republican to be his vice president and Liberal Republicans to advise him and serve in his cabinet (none of which would surprise me) his presidency will be Liberal on all issues not related to business or the economy. Voters need to be comfortable with this possibility if they are going to support Trump this primary season.

Protectionism and Isolationism

Trump supporters should also give careful consideration to his public statements supporting protectionism and isolationism. History has shown protectionism does not work. Nations that are hit with tariffs respond in kind. It is a zero-sum gain. It is better to aim to win economically on a free market playing field. The impact of the Muslim refugees streaming into Europe demonstrates why an isolationist foreign policy is a very bad idea.

Trump’s Demeanor

It is impossible to write on Trump and not comment on his demeanor. He is crude, direct and abrupt. Such people do not typically win popularity contests. Since an election is a popularity contest, Trump’s manor may hurt his chances of winning his party’s nomination and the general election.

Presidents are role models for children and represent Americans to the rest of the world. They should be dignified, refined and respectful. President Barack Obama’s frequent use of foul and offensive language is one of the reasons why he disgusts me so much. If Trump really wants to be president he should start acting presidential. Hillary Clinton was right to say so.

Trump and “Lost Voters”

Perhaps the most interesting thing written on Trump to date is the recent argument that he may be able to benefit from “’lost voters.” These are people who are defined as having rarely or never voted before and who will vote for Trump because they believe they have found a candidate who has their interest at heart. Just as Obama was able to win two elections with record low white support by relying on record high minority turnout, Trump may likewise be victorious as a consequence of a new and never before seen dynamic in electoral politics. He may have to if he is to win because the positions he has taken on issues appears to be unlikely to garner enough support from the independent voters who in a typical election year determine which party carries the day.

Trump has taken us all on a wild ride. It is unlikely to become dull anytime soon. Grab some popcorn, watch how it all unfolds and let us enjoy the fun together!

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trump 2.jpg

Why Benghazi Matters and Should be a Difference Maker


The Democrats have been successful in obscuring the facts surrounding Benghazi. The Republicans have been unable to effectively explain to the public why Benghazi does matter and should be a difference maker in the 2016 election. In the text that follows I succeed where the G.O.P. has failed.


Private Security Contractors

While George W. Bush was president, the Democrat party created the Boogiemen of “private security contractors” working in the Middle East. Firms like Blackwater were unfairly painted as out of control mercenaries committing violent acts and making large profits while doing so. The image appealed to the party’s left wing base. Those who wet themselves at the mere thought of a firearm took pleasure out of believing that there were too many Americans running around with guns in Iraq and Afghanistan. When deadly encounters between the contractors and others did take place it was seen as another reason to hate Bush. It also fit nicely into the narrative of the Left which argues that it is the actions of the U.S. that are at fault for Islamic terrorism.

When the Barack Obama administration came to power it was faced with the same set of facts that led the Bush administration to rely on private security contractors on a widespread basis. Using them freed up soldiers for combat and they were much cheaper to utilize than similarly trained and capable U.S. military personnel. As former military, intelligence and law enforcement officers, they were typically experienced, more mature than the typical enlisted man and very good at their jobs.

The White House could not have failed to realize that the wise policy decision would be to continue Bush’s widespread reliance on private security contractors in the Middle East. Yet what also could not have been lost on the Obama administration was that if they did so, the Democrats would have shown themselves to be hypocrites for demonizing Bush for the same course of action.  Judged from the cynical perspective of what might cost votes, the best political move was to only hire private security firms for the most low-profile and limited assignments. Only small detachments could be utilized.

The desire to avoid hurting their party in future elections is the only conceivable reason President Barack Obama’s White House and Hillary Clinton’s State Department decided to trust the security of the two men who would ultimately be killed at the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi to a local Libya militia which had little loyalty to those whose lives they were entrusted to protect and even less training. The same reasoning undoubtedly explains the fact that only a handful of private security contractors protected the nearby C.I.A. Annex. It was attacked the same night as the compound. Here two more Americans lost their lives.


What Happen

It was obvious to those who worked at the compound that the decision to rely on the militia for security put them in danger. Numerous requests were made by them to the State Department for better security. All were denied.

First the local militiamen allowed terrorists to conduct a photographic reconnaissance of the compound. On the night of the attack the militia just walked away without putting up any resistance. The Americans were left to their fate.

Response of Obama and Clinton

Once it became clear just what had happened in Benghazi, the honorable thing for the White House and Clinton to have done would have been to acknowledge that hiring a local militia rather than a private security contractor to protect the compound and not hiring enough contractors to ensure the safety of annex staff were mistakes that resulted in the death of four U.S. citizens at the hands of terrorists.

Since such an admission would have come on the eve of a presidential election this was politically problematic. Obama had campaigned on the notion that he had defeated terrorism and made Americans safe. To admit terrorists had been able to kill four U.S. citizens because proper precautions had not been taken for their safety simply would not do with an election just around the corner. Obama would have a better chance of victory in 2004 if the administration instead claimed that a spontaneous demonstration over a video caused the four deaths on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11.

Hillary Clinton played her part well. She would repeat the lie about the video several times despite the fact that within twenty four hours of the start of the attack she emailed her daughter, the Egyptian prime minister and the Libyan president and described what had happen in Benghazi as a terrorist attack.

Benghazi victums.jpg

As Secretary of State Clinton shared the responsibility for the lives of the four who died in Benghazi in the service of their country with Obama. Clinton also shares a part of the blame for the costly bad judgment shown in allowing a local militia to provide security for the compound. Clinton’s going along with the deception concerning why they died showed her to not just be dishonest but to lack character. Eight years of bad judgment and a lack of character will have been more than enough. We do not need four more. We do not need a President Hillary Clinton.

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