Assertion that Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote, While True, Amounts to Propaganda

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, the Democrats have taken up the mantra of “Hillary won the popular vote.” A careful analysis of the election results indicate that this claim, while true, is very deceptive and typical of the dishonest political tactics of the Left.

The Libertarian Vote is Key to Understanding the Election

As of February 11, the popular vote percentages are as follows:

Hillary Clinton (Democrat) 48.03%

Donald Trump (Republican) 45.94%

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) 3.27%

Jill Stein (Green) 1.06%

Evan McMullin (a Conservative Independent) .53%

Other 1.15%

Since Libertarians are closely linked with the Right, Greens with the Left and Evan McMullin is a Conservative who ran as an Independent, it is fair, for the sake of analysis, to add the Libertarian vote and McMullin’s votes to the Trump’s total and the Green vote to Clinton. When the popular vote is counted this way, we end up with 49.74% of the popular vote being cast for the Right and just 49.09% for the Left. This gives the Right a .65% edge.

Since the nation as a whole is about equally divided between the Right and the Left, it is probably safe to assume that the “Other” vote was equally divided between the Right and the Left as well. If we add half of the “Other” total to the Right and the Left totals we end up with 50.32% for the Right and 49.67% for the Left. We can assume, therefore, that in a two person race Trump would have won the majority of the popular vote and carried the additional states of Colorado, New Hampshire, New Mexico and Nevada (which means every swing state except Minnesota, Maine and Virginia) and won by  a nineteen larger electoral vote margin. This would have given him 325 electoral votes to Clinton’s 213.

The bottom line is that the popular vote in this election represented a rejection of Left Wing politics of like those Clinton and the embracing of Right Wing politics like those of Trump. Clinton bested Trump in the popular vote only 2.09 percent. Clinton’s popular vote “victory” came by just a hair. If the Libertarian party had not more than tripled its .99% of the popular vote it earned 2012, and instead won less than 1.18%, she would have lost the popular vote as well. If McMullin had not run, Clinton still would have lost the popular vote if the Libertarian party had received no more than 1.71% of the vote.

The Electoral College System

When considering the significance of her popular vote “victory,” one must keep in mind that we decide our presidential election by the Electoral College system. Neither of the candidates conducted an election strategy designed to win the popular vote by maximizing the number of popular votes received. Therefore to proclaim that Clinton won the popular votes is like declaring her the winner of a game in which neither she nor Trump even participated.

While it may be technically correct to claim the Clinton “won” the popular vote, it is pure spin to use this fact in an attempt to delegitimize the mandate won by Trump and the Right on election day. Clinton did not “win” the popular vote because the people favored her but because the Libertarian candidate did so well at the polls and the Right Wing vote was divided among three candidates.


Since the above was written on November 12, 2016, it has been edited several times to reflect the changing vote tally.

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What Happen at Donald Trump’s Planned Chicago Rally Represents a Declaration of War Against All Republicans

Even if you support one of Donald Trump’s GOP rivals, you must understand that what happen at Trump’s planned Chicago rally last night represents a declaration of war against not just Trump but all Republicans. It should be looked at as a call to arms by every patriotic American. and Black Lives Matter

Untitledtrump2.pngIt was very disheartening to hear Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio and Governor John Kasich blame Trump for the protests that led to the cancellation of his Chicago campaign event. The evidence is overwhelming that and Black Lives Matter were behind what was a planned effort to deny Trump the right to speak and his audience the chance to hear him. Some of the protesters were paid to disrupt the rally.

Cruz, Rubio and Kasich are delusional if they do not understand that the protests we saw last night will not just continue but escalate regardless of which Republican ultimately secures the nomination. The reason is simple.

Barack Obama won two presidential elections despite a record low percentage of the white vote because he motivated minorities to turn out for him at were likewise record rates. The politics of racial division won for him eight years in the White House.

Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street


The supporters of Secretary Hillary Clinton realize that she has no hope of winning any more white votes than Obama did and she may very well lose the general election if minorities do not cast ballots for her in similar numbers to what they did for Obama. The Occupy Wall Street movement was secretly funded by wealthy Leftists and was a conspiracy to motivate the Democrat base to go to the polls. This is why the Occupy movement disappeared literally the moment the last votes were cast on election day, 2012. Black Lives Matter is secretly funded by the same people who financed Occupy Wall Street. It is a conspiracy to drive minorities to vote for Clinton at the same high rate they turned out for Obama.

The Left Will Get More and More Extreme, Dirty and Uncivil


The protests that shut down Trump’s cancelled Chicago rally were just the beginning. As we move closer to November the tactics of the Left will get more and more extreme, dirty and uncivil. This will be true, as previously mentioned, no matter the particular person the GOP settles on as its presidential candidate.

The only hope Republicans have to win the White House in November and the ideological war for the future of the U.S. is not just to fight fire with fire but take things even further than their political opponents. It the Left closes down one Trump event Republicans need to stop two Democrat rallies. If the Left forces the firing of one business leader who contributed to a Conservative cause we must make sure two executives who support Liberal causes get blacklisted. If one Republican gets terminated from her or his job for expressing Conservative views on social media we must make certain two Liberals suffer the same fate. If the Left prevents Ben Shapiro from delivering one lecture we must make certain a Leftist is prevented from giving two talks. If the Left targets anadvertiser of some Conservative-themed media content we must go after two who support content with a Liberal focus. If the Left pays one hundred people to protest at a Trump event we need to pay two hundred to interrupt a Democrat rally.

Monuments to Moderates are Only Found in Cemeteries


The only monuments you will find to moderates are found in cemeteries. Republican moderates need to stand aside and stay out of the way of those of us who are pragmatic enough to use whatever tactics the Left uses to try and beat us against them. I hereby pledge myself to the fight. Where do you stand?

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