Some Questions for those Who Recently Tweeted Out #IAmAMuslimToo

I have some questions for all of you who tweeted out #IAmAMuslimToo recently: Do you throw gays off roofs? Do you believe in forced female circumcision? Do you believe women are second-class citizens? Do you believe that girls who go … Continue reading

A White American’s Response to Actor Jesse Williams’ Racist and Nonsensical Speech About Race at the BET Awards

In 2016 Americans have become so cowardly that we now largely allow racist and nonsensical comments such as those uttered by Jesse Williams at the 2016 Bet Awards to stand without a response. I am not afraid to call out … Continue reading

The Catholic Church and its Teachings on Homosexual Sex, Gay Marriage and Abortion

The teachings of the Catholic Church regarding homosexual sex, gay marriage and abortion are widely misunderstood and have been often misrepresented. In this post my aim is to explain these subjects in the most plain language possible. The Catholic Church … Continue reading

A Review of Episode Five (“Babylon”) of the Return Run of “The X-Files” (Some Spoilers are Revealed Below)

Episode Five (“Babylon”) of the Return Run of “The X-Files” left me more conflicted than any installment of the series ever has. Read on if you wish to learn why the show pulled me in two different directions. Islamofascist Terrorists … Continue reading

Why Benghazi Matters and Should be a Difference Maker

The Democrats have been successful in obscuring the facts surrounding Benghazi. The Republicans have been unable to effectively explain to the public why Benghazi does matter and should be a difference maker in the 2016 election. In the text that … Continue reading

Some Thoughts on The Man in the High Castle (No Major Spoilers are Revealed Below.)

Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle is the best series on “television.” There is much good that could be said about it. No program is perfect, however. It is because The Man in the High Castle is so good … Continue reading