United Airlines Leggings Controversy Demonstrates Why Today’s Feminists Do Not Really Believe in Equal Rights or Equality at All


It has probably been about four decades since the average women’s activist was doing valuable work for society. The recent United Airlines leggings controversy demonstrates why today’s feminists do not really believe in equal rights or equality at all.

On March 19 two young girls were barred from boarding a United Airlines flight because they were wearing leggings. Feminist were outraged. Their collective opinion could best be summed up as: ”How dare anyone tell any woman what she can and cannot wear!”

It turned out the two girls were just children. However, the incident became a “story” before their age was known and so their being so young is irrelevant to the points I make below.

When a grown woman wears leggings without a dress, top or jacket that goes below the bottom of her behind she is concealing little more of the lower half of her body than would be the case if she were wearing just body paint. In fact, the impression a straight man is left with when he sees such a woman walking down the street is close to the same as if that same woman was naked from below the waist.

Feminists have long railed against men objectifying women as sex objects. However, when a woman wears leggings without a covering such as that described above she is purposefully displaying herself as a sex object and objectifying herself as a sex object.

The fact that feminists have no problem with women wearing leggings with nothing covering them demonstrates that they want women to be free from being considered sex objects when it is a detriment to them but still think it is acceptable for a woman to present herself in public as a sex object whenever she feels it is beneficial for her to do so. It is double standards like this that permeate feminism.

Need other examples? Feminists have no problem with the fact that in the US women are exempt from the draft and those women who serve in the military are almost never placed in a position where they might get killed or maimed. They are not at all bothered that when a childless couple gets divorced the women has the option of sitting home and forcing her ex-husband to pay her bills for several years. Feminists think that in a he said she said situation where a woman makes a rape allegation against a man she should be believed and the man should be publicly identified even if there is absolutely no evidence to support her claim. They think it is just great that men fill all the most dangerous jobs in society and are killed and injured at work at rates that are astronomical in comparison with women. I could go on and on.

Feminist do not want equality and equal rights. What they want is special and privileged rights and treatment for women.

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