The Muslim World Must Clean Its Own House

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In the American Old West, when there was a bad person or people in an area that the law either could not or would not deal with, the local respectable citizens would meet in secret and form a vigilance committee. They would then vote on a resolution to drive the trouble maker[s] away. If the motion passed, a public notice would be drawn up and posted warning the undesirable man/men that he or they had twenty-four hours to vacate the area or be forcibly removed. If the warning went unheeded, the vigilance committee would arm themselves, visit the bad man/men and offer the choice of leaving or being killed. This and the threat of death if the person or people ever returned was very often enough to solve the problem.

Why is this same sort of thing not happening in the Muslim world? Why are members of the Muslim faith not cleaning house just as the good people of the American West once did? We read all the time about the large number of Muslims who abhor terrorism. How come they are not driving out the bad apples? If their numbers are so large, they should have no trouble ridding their communities of violent extremists.

Terrorists are insurgents. History teaches us that insurgents cannot operate without support from the non-insurgent people they live amongst. The numbers of Muslims who reside in predominant Muslim areas who, while not actively engaged in terrorism, are in sympathy with them, must be very high indeed. If it were not, the terrorists simply would be able to operate.

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