What Everyone Should Know About Islam


It can be difficult to sort through the many distortions and outright lies that are proffered concerning the Islamic faith and Muslims. Read on for everything you should know about Islam and Muslims.

Christian Fundamentalists and Muslim Fundamentalists

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It was in the 1980s that the left cast Christian Fundamentalists as the boogeymen of the “fly over states.” If one were to play a game of word association with the average American, what she or he would most likely associate with Christian Fundamentalists is a literal interpretation of the Bible. As I wrote in another piece on this blog: Few realize that “100% of the planet’s faithful Muslims believe every word of the Koran was dictated by God to Muhammad and therefore believe the Koran is the literal word of God.” If we define fundamentalists as those who believe in a literal interpretation of a holy book, 100% of devote Muslims are fundamentalists.

Why Muslim Belief Koran is the Literal Word of God Matters so Much

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The Koran is full violent, extremist rhetoric and general intolerance of non-Muslims. Some have tried to equate passages in the Koran to those of the Old Testament (or Tora) and Christian Bible. The comparison is flawed. The number of Christians or Jews who commit terrorist acts and claim to be inspired by their holy books is statistically insignificant. It is no coincidence, therefore, that only a small minority of the world’s Christians and Jews interpret their holy books literally. In a matter of speaking, Islamofascism and Muslim terrorism are perfectly understandable in terms of the text of the Koran and the belief of devote Muslims that it represents the literal word of God.

Percentage of World’s Muslims that Support Terrorism

Many have gone to great pains to point out that the percentage of the world’s Islamic population that supports terrorism is not great. This is accurate. However, because the world population of Muslims is enormous, the number who does is actually very large. In fact it is downright frightening.

Hitler, Islam and the Jewish People

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In the Second World War, Adolf Hitler and the Muslim world were allies. Islamic clerics desired Hitler’s Final Solution to be visited upon Middle East. When the Third Reich collapsed, a number of important Nazi’s escaped there. Some trained the initial wave of Muslim terrorists the tactics of terror perfected by “elite” Nazi units in the final phase of World War II. The Islamic terrorists of recent times are the successors of these murders. In the Arab world, Mein Kampf has always been a bestselling book.

What Muslims Believe

SanB terr.jpg

The topic of what Muslims do and do not believe has been much debated. Some have even tried to brand Islamic terrorists as “non-Muslims.” It is important to remember that Islam has no Pope or Vatican. To borrow Al Gore’s infamous phrase, it has “no central controlling legal authority.” This means that there is not a single answer to the question of what Muslims do and do not believe. It all depends on the individual Muslim and the particular Muslim holy man the individual Muslim follows. The simple fact of the matter is that there are a lot of Muslim clerics and Muslims who believe in terrorism.

Do not listen to the nonsense from the apologists. All you need to know is that mentioned above.

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4 thoughts on “What Everyone Should Know About Islam

  1. The Quran is not full of violence. The so called violent verses remind Muslims to fight in Kill Or Be Killed situations, because they kept sticking to a pacifist approach but as a result were being killed and oppressed. The “violent” verses finish by reminding the Muslims to stop fighting once they surrender, and, to never, ever, kill innocent… in fact the Quran says “if you were to save a life, it would be as if you saved all of mankind”.

    I hope that helps. Peace.

    (Check out our blog too!)


  2. I agree 😦 but honestly evil people would interpret anything around them in an evil way. I mean they’d interpret Disney’s Toy Story as “humans disregard, destroy and damage toys – death to all humans!”.

    Ridiculous analogies aside… Islam truly does try and promote peace, family, community, education, and helping each other. It even encourages us to “compete with each other in performing good deeds” (2.148).

    I’m not the minority in interepreting the Quran in a positive manner – 1.6 billion Muslims but how many Muslims have you met that were actual terrorists?

    I am incredibly sorry for your loss of your relative on 9/11. (May God grant them paradise. Ameen.) Muslims across the world grieved 9/11…as we also grieved the holocaust, the killings at Srebenica, those caught up in the Israel/Palestine conflict, and Muslims & Non-Muslims killed by ISIS… human history is not short of heartbreak, and Muslims are just as likely to be victims. Our common enemy is not the Muslim but the one with evil in his heart who uses Religion as a cover to carry out his evil plan.

    The Quran speaks of these evil people who *think* they are doing good:
    “And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers!”.
    Unquestionably it is they who are the corrupters, but they perceive it not” (2:11-12)

    I hope that goes some way in showing you majority of Muslims stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone else, just as angry, just as scared, just as mournful. But……if we, the “good guys” were to unite instead of being divided, we can be stronger, and more able of ousting the evil from amongst us.


    • Thank you for your kind words. Should there not be a civil war being fought between those Muslims who support and oppose terrorism? It seems that when an organized military is killing terrorists it is typically composed of non-Muslims.


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