My Family’s Experience at the Make American Great Again Concert and Donald J. Trump’s Inaugural


My family were among the hundreds of thousands who enjoyed Donald J. Trump’s inaugural festivities in person. Continue on for our experiences and photographs from the Make American Great Again Concert, the inauguration and the rest of the weekend.

Union Station was Crazy


Washington, D.C.’s Union Station on the morning on January 19, 2017.

On the night of Wednesday, January 18, my family hopped on an Amtrak train bound Washington D.C.  We arrived the next morning. Union Station was a mad house. Excitement and energy were in the air.

Trump Merch

Trump Merch col.jpg

The array of Trump merchandise at Union Station was impressive!

My Liberal Senator


Our tickets.

From Union Station we were off our hotel in Virginia to drop off our suitcases. Next we headed to the office of our Liberal senator to pick up our inauguration tickets.

The National Mall

scenes from national mall.jpg

Scenes from the National Mall on the afternoon of January 19, 2017.

We arrived on the National Mall not long after the start of the Make American Great Again Concert. It was day one of a two-day party! This was my second inaugural. One of the most enjoyable aspects of inauguration weekends is that everyone is there for the same reason and so has something important to them in common. What therefore naturally happens is you end up conversing with many complete strangers from all over the United States.

The Make American Great Again Concert


Photograph of sign held by protester just outside of concert.

We made it to the site of the Make American Great Again Concert just as the sun was going down. At the entrance was a young twenty-something holding the sign shown in the photograph above. Upon seeing it I lost my temper. I approached the jerk and told him: “There are young children here including my own daughter. You holding a sign with the “f” word on it makes you a low-class piece of garage. Have some decency.” The coward pretended he did not hear me and looked away. He was still holding the same sign after the concert ended. It was then that I took the photograph.

3 doors col.jpg

The performance of 3 Doors Down.

The band 3 Doors Down were the highlight for me of a great show. A good time was had by all in the enormous crowd!

Donald J. Trump’s Inaugural


Secret Service officers at the inauguration.

We set out early the next morning. It was immediately apparent that nothing had been spared as far as resources and effort to ensure that the city was as safe as possible. The security for George W. Bush’s 2001 inaugural was nowhere near as tight.

After passing through several security checkpoints we found ourselves among a group held back on a sidewalk by security. A short time later we watched as several black SUVs speed passed us. It was the motorcade carrying Trump to the Capital!

Inaug col.jpg

Our views of the capital and the video screen near us.

It was with great difficulty that we worked our way through the masses of people and found a spot where we had both a view of the Capital and one of the video screens that displayed what those watching the event on TV saw. The crowd was enormous and seemed larger than had turned out for Bush in 2001.

As I was to discover days later, those of us who were there had a much different experience than individuals who tuned in at home. As the VIPs were shown to their seats and appeared on the video screens voices rose from the crowd. When we first saw President Obama I exclaimed: “Get a job!,” and got a few laughs. The site of Hillary Clinton resulted in several “Lock her up!” chants. When we first saw the soon-to-be 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, the crowd went wild. Trump’s campaign slogans resounded through the Mall. The TV viewing audience was aware of none of this except for some background noise when Clinton was shown. Sound took several seconds to travel up and down the Mall. I believe this is why the “Lock her up!” chants were just recorded by the TV mikes at the Capital end of the Mall as an indecipherable roar.

Senator Charles “Upchuck” Schumer

Senator Charles “Upchuck” Schumer’s remarks did not go over well with the audience.  By the time he began reading from the Civil War letter, all several hundred thousand of us had had it with him. The boos, groans and general expression of displeasure were such that from that point on we barely hear a word he said. This also did not come across on TV.

Trump Takes the Oath

The vocalization of joy that was heard when Trump took the oath and officially became president was thunderous.

The Inaugural Address

I mentioned earlier about the few seconds time it took for sound to move down the Mall. Unfortunately for us, what we head during the inaugural address from speakers at the Capital that seemed to be set way too low, was several seconds behind what we saw on the video screen in front of us. Even with closed captions, it was not easy to catch every word of the speech.  We heard enough to love it and the National Mall erupted in joy when the president finished his remarks.

The Post-Inaugural Umbrella Swap


Umbrellas seized by security.

Someone forgot to put umbrella’s on the list of prohibited items at the inaugural. My family were among the countless people who surrendered them at the last security checkpoint we faced. It had rained lightly during the inaugural. As we headed for the exits after it had concluded, every indication was that it was going to rain the rest of the day and night. Every one of us knew that we needed protection from rain or else the rest of our day and night would be ruined. Some searched through bins and others in piles of umbrellas that had been dumped on the ground. I heard several individuals make remarks that seemed to indicate that they had found their umbrellas. It then occurred to me that finding one’s umbrella among the many thousands taken away by security was an impossibility. People were simply grabbing one and walking off. “When in Rome…” And so it was that my family participated in the post-inaugural umbrella swap.

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum


Seen through 2017 eyes, the amazing Lunar Module looked like a piece of junk.

We finished the day at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Between the overwhelming crowds and the closure of several Metro stations, it was an ordeal just to get there from the Capital. My child loved every minute of her visit.

The Wretched [Liberal] Women’s March on Washington

The next day we found ourselves accidentally caught up in the wretched [Liberal] Women’s March on Washington. Click here for what my family experienced at what was in reality an anti-Trump march conducted by Liberals most of whom were women.

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History


African Elephant at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

We did eventually fight our way through the Liberal hordes and make it to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  Our daughter loves animals and so this was the highlight of her first trip to Washington.

The Smithsonian Museum of American History and Our Trump Inaugural Souvenirs


You know you are getting old when the Smithsonian Museum of American History displays a game you played as a child.

We spent our final morning in D.C. at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. This museum always leaves me breathless.

Trump Smith Crop.jpg

Trump has been added to the Smithsonian’s Presidency exhibit.


Our Trump inaugural souvenirs.

It was then back to Union Station to purchase our Trump inaugural souvenirs and catch an Amtrak train back home.

Our Return Train Trip


My little girl.

I cannot help but conclude this blog entry by quoting from my aforementioned blog post on the wretched [Liberal] Women’s March on WashingtonOur train trip back to work and school was long and tedious. As we pulled into New York’s Penn Station, the isle of the train car was full with people getting ready to disembark. It was obvious that a number of them were women returning home after participating in the march. One woman noticed my daughter’s hat [which read: “Future President”], leaned over, put her hand on my child’s back and asked both her and my wife if they had participated in the march. I had kept my politics to myself and held my tongue in public about them for two days. Now I could not resist. I conjured up my best Trump imitation and responded in a voice loud enough for everyone around us to hear: “Wrong!” My wife could not control herself and laughed so hard she almost pied her pants. So closed the book on a fun family vacation and a living civics lesson for my daughter.”

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The fireworks after the Make American Great Again Concert.

My Family was Accidentally Caught Up in the Women’s March on Washington, D.C.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2017 my family hopped on a train to Washington, D.C. to celebrate the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and do some site seeing in the nation’s capital. On the morning of Saturday, January 20, we boarded the Metro in Virginia and headed into the District of Columbia for what we thought would be a typical day spent visiting Washington’s museums. We found ourselves accidentally caught up in the wretched [Liberal] Women’s March on Washington. Continue on for what we experienced and photographs of the event.

Hand-Knit Pink Hats

pink hats.jpg

While waiting to purchase our Metro cards my wife and daughter were engaged by the first of numerous people who assumed we had journeyed out to participate in the march. Both were offered hand-knit pink hats. My wife politely declined the offer.

I was at first struck by the fact that by making hand-knit pink hats the symbol of the march those behind it seemed to be perpetuating what the Left considers gender stereotypes since pink is often thought of as a female color and knitting as a woman’s activity. I then realized that the hand-knit pink hats were a conscious strategic decision.

In the last presidential election more total votes were cast for the three Right leaning candidates (Trump, Johnson and McMullin received 49.76 %) than the two Left leaning candidates (Clinton and Stein won 49.1 %.) The 2016 presidential election represented a rejection of the Leftist politics of the Democrat party. Yet to truly understand what is going on in America you have to also examine politics on the state level. In 2017 the Democrats now have less combined state and federal political power than at any time since the Civil War. The American voter has turned its back on the Democrats because the party has adopted the politics of Leftist extremism. The use of knitting and the color pink represented a desperate attempt to draw the average American woman voter who has turned her back on the Democrats to the politics of those marching. Trying to make use of what it considers the gender stereotypes of knitting and pink for political gain is an example of the type of double standard that is present in almost everything the Left says, does and believes.

Our Metro Ride

That the march was to take place that day was not a surprise to me. What I had not realized was the subway car we entered in Virginia that morning lay along a line that took marchers to one of the focal points of the rally that preceded the march. We stepped into a standing room only car. One stop later a few more people got on and the car was packed to capacity. For the next 1.5 hours we stood packed in like sweating sardines. I was very proud of my seven-year-old daughter who handled this trying ordeal without having a meltdown.

A number of people who surrounded us again engaged my family under the assumption that we were traveling to the march. The fact that hundreds of thousands of people like us were in D.C. that weekend who supported Trump and rejected the politics of the marchers appeared to be lost on them. Liberals cannot seem to comprehend that moral, rational people could be pro-Trump and anti-March on Washington and so the marchers took it for granted that we were “with” them.

Our Arrival at the Smithsonian Metro Stop

Metro.jpgWhen we arrived at the Smithsonian Metro stop and the door to the cars opened allowing us to disembark the relief we felt was extreme. We did not know the worst was yet to come. We picked a station exit to walk toward and started moving along with the crowd. When we reached an escalator leading about thirty feet to the surface we found that a D.C. policeman had pulled a gate across the exit that blocked our progress. He told us we had to exit out the other side of the station. It was obvious why. There was no room at the top of the escalators for people to step off. Even though the escalators were shut off it would have been a safety risk to allow us to walk up only to remain stuck in place on the escalators. None of us were happy that we had to turn back around and walk to the opposite side of the Metro station. All but one of us remained calm and understood that we had no choice but to obey the instructions of the cop. One white female college student lost her mind. She hurled a string of expletives at the policeman and ended her tirade by telling him: “You’re not going to tell me I can’t march today.” As I watched and listened I wanted so badly for the self-righteous, self-important twit to go one step too far and get herself arrested for disorderly conduct. I am sure her parents are really proud that they have a daughter who talks like a teamster. She was a class act all the way.

The March

We did eventually make our way to the surface. I asked a D.C. policeman for directions to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. He pointed me toward a building surrounded by a crowd of marchers packed as densely as humanly possible. I picked up my child, grabbed my wife by the hand and we proceeded to make our way through the crowd.

Signs Carried by the Marchers and the Messages Scrawled on their Clothing

fuck sign.jpg

I quickly noticed that many of the signs carried by the marchers and messages scrawled on the clothing they wore were obscene. I saw numerous examples of the “f” word being proclaimed in association with Trump’s name. One young woman walked past us going the opposite direction with what amounted to a sandwich board covering her body with “F*#K TRUMP” written on it. I told her: “There are children present! Have some decently.” She offered me no response because there was no defending her sign.

pus photo.jpg

Even more present than the “f” word was the slang term for a woman’s genitals that begins with a “p.” As we navigated the crowd and circled the building we had been pointed to in search of an entrance I held my breath. My daughter does not know the “f” or “p” words but she does know how to sound them out. I knew that at any moment she might ask me what “f*#k” and/or p*&&y” means. An even greater concern was for our personal safety. If something caused a panic and a stampede resulted our lives would be at risk.

One twenty-something young man held a sign that read: “Abort!” He presumably felt it necessary to tell the world how much of an enthusiastic supporter he was of the killing of babies inside their mother’s womb. Another twenty-something male’s sign read: “40,000 Children are in Foster Care. Support Planned Parenthood.” He seemly feels it is better to kill babies than hand them over to loving foster families. 

Quite a few of the signs attempted to ridicule Trump on the basis of his appearance. Stopping “body shaming” has been one of the Left’s favorite causes of late. That the marchers felt it acceptable to go after Trump on the basis of his looks is another example of how Liberals embrace double standards.

A good number of marchers used signs and apparel to identify themselves as a “nasty woman.” From the looks of them I had no trouble believing they came as advertised.

A last thought on the rhetoric of the march I wish to share is that it reinforced the notion that Feminists think it is empowering for women to be vulgar. Why would they believe such a thing? It can only be because they feel women should behave more masculine. Unfortunately, it is the worst aspects of common male behavior (vulgarity, promiscuity, aggression and heavy drinking) that Feminists encourage in women.

We Were Going in the Wrong Direction

After what seemed like an eternity of passing through the assembled masses it occurred to me that we had been directed to the wrong building. We had to reverse course and retrace our steps. When we got to a point where the crowd was thinner I consulted a map. We were on the wrong side of the National Mall!

As we headed across the Mall I was able to take stock of everything I had seen. The marchers were 99% white.  All appeared to be middle-middle-class or upper-middle-class. Every one seemed to fit into one of several categories: lesbian couples, elderly hippies and people who were too young to have gained the wisdom and perspective necessary to understand how the world works. I was astonished at how many marchers had brought young children to the march some of whom were just infants.  All large crowds are potentially dangerous. These children were put at risk by the adults who brought them.

As we approached the front entrance to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History we realized that our ordeal was not yet over. The march route blocked our way into the museum! I looked left and right and saw that there was no break in the steel barriers that had been set up to separate the marchers from the spectators. If we respected the barriers we would have to walk either to the beginning or the end of the march before we could cross over. I had a quick conversation with my wife. We agreed that we had had enough of the craziness and need to get off the Mall and into the museum. “We’re going,” we decided. My wife grabbed one of the big barriers and gave a yank. She created an opening just big enough for a person to squeeze through. We dashed into the breach before the D. C. Police could stop us. Since the marchers were moving horizontal to us it was with much difficulty that we crossed the march route. Once on the other side we were again faced with the steel barriers. This time it was me who pulled them apart. Quick as a flash we were through, up the steps of the museum and inside the building. We agreed that we would not be going outside again until the museum closed at 5:30.

Our View from the Museum Entrance

Our Trip Back to Our Hotel

After leaving the museum we jumped on the Metro’s Red Line and began a trip to Metro Station. We again had to stand. My daughter stood facing a sitting women who still held her sign from the march. She assumed we had come from the march and began a conversation with my child. I could only hear bits and pieces of the exchange in the loud subway car but I could tell she was speaking about the politics of the march. In the packed car I was not able to move an inch and so could not politely intervene and steer the conversion toward something non-political.

Two or three stops later we exited at Metro Station. I picked up my child and asked her what she had said to the woman. She said that she had told her about the animals she saw at the museum. “Did you mention we came to Washington, D.C. because we support Trump?” I inquired. “No, I did not want to get into an argument,” was her matter-of-fact reply. She is a precocious little one.

trump rioters.jpg

When we transferred to the Blue Line we were all able to get seats. I sat down across from a woman in her late thirties with a daughter who looked to be about fourteen. The two were having a conversation with a gentleman who identified himself as a journalist. The mom explained that she had been accidentally caught up in the inauguration day riot that had been taken place to protest the free and fair election of Trump and the peaceful transition of power to a new president. A rioter who was wearing a mask and breaking windows with a hammer approached her and threatened: “I will beat your brains out unless you take off that Trump hat.” The Left loves to tell us Republicans that we are intolerant, angry, full of hate and potentially violent. They have it all backwards.

Both mother and daughter made the mistake of attending the march. Both believed the that the march was to be by all women and for all women. In reality it was an anti-Trump march conducted by Liberals most of whom were women. After arriving at the start of the march the daughter was told by a person running the march that she was not allowed to march because she wore a Trump hat. The mom and her daughter exited at the Crystal City stop with the journalist so he could interview both of them with his phone. I hope to find the video and post a link here.

Our Return Trip Home


I Love My Little Girl So Much!

On Sunday we began the day with a visit to Union Station to purchase some inaugural souvenirs. We bought my daughter a hat that read: “Future President.” We later visited the Smithsonian Museum of American History before returning to Union Station to catch an Amtrak train for the journey back home. My child’s wearing of the hat elicited positive comments from five different female strangers. One woman took my daughter’s photograph and three told us they would vote for her. Because of the buttons they wore, their general appearance and the things they said, I judged all to be Hillary supporters and march participants. They again assumed we shared their politics. Did they believe that no Republican family could possible purchase such a hat for their daughter?

Our train trip back to work and school was long and tedious. As we pulled into New York’s Penn Station, the isle of the train car was full with people getting ready to disembark. It was obvious that a number of them were women returning home after participating in the march. One woman noticed my daughter’s hat, leaned over, put her hand on my child’s back and asked both her and my wife if they had participated in the march. I had kept my politics to myself and held my tongue in public about them for two days. Now I could not resist. I conjured up my best Trump imitation and responded in a voice loud enough for everyone around us to hear: “Wrong!” My wife could not control herself and laughed so hard she almost pied her pants.

So closed the book on a fun family vacation and a living civics lesson for my daughter. Click here for my blog about my family’s experiences at the pre-inaugural concert and Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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boxed signs.jpg

Boxed Up Signs Outside of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History