Matt Lauer’s Bias Shown in Ryan Lochte Interview and the Actions of the Brazilian Security Guards were Worse Crimes than Lochte’s Drunken Vandalism and His Less than Truthful Account of What Happened to Him

There is no excuse for a thirty-two-year-old man who is not an alcoholic getting drunk, committing vandalism and making false reports to the police and media about the incident. The same came be said for the bias Matt Lauer demonstrated in his interview of Lochte and the conduct of the security guard who pulled a gun on the four US swimmers. (Security camera footage proves that the guard did pull and point his gun at the athletes even though he did not place it against Lochte’s head.) However, while Lochte acted like a man and admitted what he did was wrong, Lauer will never publicly declare his own misdeeds and the security guard has not and will not be arrested.

It was obvious from viewing Lauer’s interview with Lochte that Lauer relished the chance to embarrass an American. That Lochte was a white male was just icing on the cake. It is also a certainly that it is because of Lauer’s Liberal bias that he whitewashed the conduct of a Brazilin security guard and Brazilian authorities in the affair. It is yet another example of the soft bigotry of low expectations.


Lauer told Lochte that the Brazilian security guard who pulled a gun on the four Americans was ”negotiating” with Lochte and not robbing him. Does Lauer believe pulling a gun on someone is an acceptable negotiating tactic? How would Lauer feel if the next time he is negotiating his contract with NBC, an NBC executive brandishes a firearm? Would he be fine with it on the grounds that it was a negotiating tactic?

If what happen in Rio had happened in the U.S. the security guard would now be in far more serious legal trouble than Lochte. The guard would be charged with illegally brandishing a fire arm because he pulled it in a non-life-threatening situation. He would also be charged with illegal detention since he told Lochte at the point of a gun that he could not leave the scene without handing over money. Since he took money from Lochte he would also be charged with armed robbery. If the gun were illegal there would be an additional charged for that as well.

Liberals like Lauer wet their pants over the mere thought of a gun but he did not condemn the Brazilian security guard for pulling a gun on four Americans nor Brazilian authorities for not arresting the security guard. The reason is that Brazil is a third world country with a majority minority population. If fact, contrary to what Lauer would have us believe, what happen to Lochte actually reinforces the narrative that Rio is a dangerous and almost lawless city. The same can be said for the fact that in the days after the Lochte incident a British Olympic athlete was robbed in Rio. Lauer and other Liberals in the media have been very quiet about this other robbery because it does not fit the Liberal narrative the media wants us to accept.

Lauer made a point of mentioning in the interview that Lochte could lose millions in endorsement deals over what happen. If Liberals like Lauer covered the story honestly, Lochte might not take such a big financial hit. More importantly, the media never makes an issue of the fact that African Americans with criminal records get endorsement deals with frequency. Perhaps the best example is Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., who is better known as Snoop Dogg. Broadus was a member of the Crips, was charged with murder, and is an open advocate for the heavy use of illegal drugs. Yet Broadus has also enjoyed several lucrative endorsement deals over the course of his life. Can you say “double standard”?

In the final analysis, in his accounts Lochte left out some important details, embellished others and told a few lies. Yet his central claim, that he was robbed at gunpoint, is demonstrably true despite what Lauer would have us believe. Does Lauer understand that not even a police officer in the U.S. is legally allowed to point a gun at someone and demand the contents of his or her wallet?

Lochte deserves credit for not trying to escape the consequences of his actions by pulling the “I’m going to rehab” card. He has accepted full responsibility for his conduct. He therefore comes out looking better in this situation than the Lauer, the security guard and the Brazilian authorities.


At two points in the security camera footage, you can see the Americans raise their arms in the universally understood “don’t shoot me with the gun you are pointing at me” gesture. Although the security guards are out of frame in both cases, it is obvious that a gun[s] is being pointed at the swimmers at the time. There is no other reasonable explanation. 

There are three minutes “mysteriously” missing from the security camera footage. All people who are not naive realize that these three minutes were erased because they are incriminating to someone who is not an American.

According to one source, Lochte was confused by the uniforms the security guards were wearing and so mistook them for people impersonating police.

Both Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, two of the other three swimmers involved, have released written statements. Conger described a gun being pointed at them by a security guard. Bentz related that two security guards pointed firearms at the group. Both statements support the notion that the guns were pulled before the translator/witness came on the scene.

Bentz and Jack Conger agree that the only vandalism that occurred at the gas station was that a poster was pulled off a wall. Both deny that any damage was done to the restroom or the restroom door.

Betnz maintained: “Videos of this situation have been emerging the last several days. However, I am confident that some video angles have not been shown that would further substantiate my account. I also believe some scenes have been skipped over.”

The security camera footage that has been released fails to show any evidence of the restroom or its door being damaged by the swimmers. Video taken at the gas station  a few days after the incident proves that neither the door, or anything in restroom has been repaired or replaced.


Brazilian legal experts have weighed in on what happened. A Rio judge did not rule out the possibility that the conduct of the guards could be considered a “robbery.” A veteran lawyer remarked that none of the Americans have made statements that could get them convicted of filing a false police report.

None of the swimmers went anywhere near the bathroom at the gas station. The claims by police that the athletes vandalized the restroom were false.

The only act of vandalism that took place was Lochte’s pulling what has been described as an “advertising sign off the wall” that was said to be just “loosely attached” to the wall.


The witnesses/translator, who was at first reported to have said he did not see guns being pulled but did see one of the guards place his hand on his gun, now confirms that the security guards did thereafter pull guns on the Americans.

The guards were either off-duty Rio police or off-duty corrections officers. At least one displayed his badge during the encounter and they may have been working what is defined by local law as an illegal private security detail.

The money taken by the security guards was 60% more than what was required to cover the damage to the sign.


The latest report describes what Lochte tore down as an “advertising poster with a metallic frame.”

It has been established that the security guards also work as prison guards.

Since at least one security guard flashed his prison guard badge and the guards were wearing their prison guard uniforms it means that the guards were impersonating police officers just as Lochte claimed.


Jimmy Feigen, the only one of the four athletes who had not given a statement to the media, released a statement. It is in agreement with the accounts provided by the other swimmers.

At first prosecutors told Feigen that he would have to pay $31,500 U.S. to make the fabricated charge of making false police report go away and for him to be allowed to leave the country. When he refused the amount was increased to $46,875. In the end he handed over about $11,000 U.S. so that he could go home.

After the cab pulled into the gas station the four Americans entered a store attached to the gas station to search for a restroom. They found none and so began to search outside the gas station for a bathroom. They tried, but did not damage, a door outside. None could read Portuguese and so they could not have known that the locked door they tried to open was a restroom door. They thereafter urinated in a grassy area behind the gas station.

The poster Lochte pulled down after the men finished going to the bathroom was made of canvas and so I doubt he could have damaged it when he tore it off the wall. It appears that it was only the metal frame that held the poster that was damaged.

More evidence has emerged which points to how corruptly the Rio police and local prosecutor’s office handled the affair. It is too much to summarize here. Anyone interested should read the USA Today coverage for the details. USA Today should win journalism awards for how well they have covered this story.


The Brazilian authorities handling of the incident has been so corrupt we need to call it #Riogate.


Lochte has been indicted for making a false police report.

Days ago the Rio police made an official public statement claiming that the swimmers vandalized the restroom at the gas station even though they knew this was false. The Rio authorities are corrupt and no one should trust anything they say or do.

Who is going to indict the Rio police for making a knowingly false report that the swimmers damaged the restroom?


Lochte claimed the Americans were pulled over on the road by armed men impersonating police. They were actually forced out of their cab at the gas station by armed men impersonating police officers which is really not much different. The only distinction is that the cab was not in motion but parked at the gas station. I think it is safe to assume that the reason why Lochte lied about being pulled over was that he did not want to admit that he yanked the poster off the wall.

It would not surprise me if the swimmers suspected that the witness/translator was in on the con and working with the fake police to rob the Americans. Cons like this are run on foreigners in third world countries all the time.

Lochte should fire his agent and attorney because they are not being more vocal in their support of him.


I should have made clear that when I wrote in this post and on Twitter that the security guards were wearing their prison guard uniforms I was making an assumption based upon the press report that Lochte claimed he was thrown by the fact that the guards wore official looking uniforms. What matters is that it was both the uniforms and the flashing of a badge were what was behind Lochte’s assertion that the men who robbed him were impersonating police officers.

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