“Mattress Girl’s” Rape Allegation is Homophobic in the American Left’s Definition of the Word


For the sake of those who may have forgotten, Emma “mattress girl” Sulkowicz was the Columbia University student who accused fellow student Paul Nungesser of rape several years ago. What seems to have been lost on all commentators is her rape allegation is homophobic in the American Left’s definition of the word. Confused? Read on and you will understand my argument.

“Mattress Girl’s” Claims

Sulkowicz claimed that while having consensual sex with her, Nungesser withdrew his penis from her vagina and inserted it into her anus.  She maintained that since he did not request permission before doing so, his action constituted rape.

“Mattress Girl” and Homophobia

“Mattress girl” has never disputed that she consented to get naked with Nungesser, climb into bed with him and engage in vaginal intercourse. Her position is that the consent she did provide to Nungesser did not include consent to be anally penetrated, and that he required additional consent for anal sex. It is not enough to say that “mattress girl” therefore considers anal sex to be outside of what is implied when a woman consents to a sexual encounter with a man. Implied in Sulkowicz’s rape claim is that anal sex, which has been traditionally been associated manly with homosexual sex, is so abnormal and outside the realm of heterosexual behavior that it is indefensible for any man to assume that any woman who wishes to have sex with him would want to have anal sex with him unless she explicitly states she does. The American Left has long told us that homosexuality is no different than heterosexuality, that homosexual sex is no different than heterosexual sex and that to believe any differently is homophobic.  By this definition then, “mattress girl’s” rape allegation is indisputably homophobic. Since it is presumably safe to assume that Sulkowicz, like the good Liberal she is, claims to be a champion when it comes to showing tolerance of homosexuals, she is just the latest of a long line of hypocrites on the American Left.

Paul Nungesser

In my opinion, if Nungesser did do what Sulkowicz said he did, without first asking if she would object, he was in the wrong. Again, by the American Left’s definition of the term that makes me homophobic as well.

The writer, entertainer and talk show host Gavin McIness described what Nungesser is said to have done as “bad sportsmanship.” It was a hilarious line. It also did not go far enough. I believe what Nungesser did, if he did in fact do it, might be better described as “bad form.” The truth is, however, that I do not now what to call it. What I do know for certain is that Nungesser did not commit any crime. The authorities agree since despite the best efforts of “mattress girl,” Nungesser has never been in any legal trouble. (He was also not punished by Columbia.) However, Sulkowicz’s decision to carry a mattress all around campus destroyed the reputation of Nungesser and branded him with the scarlet “R” for rapist. This makes her the only one of the two guilty of a crime.

“Mattress girl” and her legions of supporters are just one example of the type of double standards the American Left upholds on a daily basis. I hope to write on more of them soon so please check back with my blog in the near future.


As a postscript, I first want to add that during the time that proceeded the sexual encounter between Sulkowicz and Nungesser, “mattress girl” sent Nungesser a series of very flirtatious messages including one in which she expressed her desire to have anal sex with him again.

Several months ago “mattress girl” released a reenactment of the rape which was actually a pornographic video. It appears she was so traumatized by Nungesser that she had to relive the events of her encounter with him before a camera and release it to the world on the Web.

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