Speculation About Which “The Walking Dead” Character Bit the Dust at the End of Season Six


Like many fans of “The Walking Dead,” I was left perturbed by a season six finale that left the identity of the major character killed off in the final scene uncertain. I nonetheless cannot resist speculation about who bit the dust at the end of “Last Day on Earth.”

For the purposes of this discussion, I will break down the eleven characters who were made to kneel down before Negan into three groups. One consists of those for whom it can be said it is almost a certainty that they will number among the living when the series resumes next season. I will call it “Group 1.” “Group 3” numbers characters who would appear to have the greatest chance of being the one who lost the ultimate game of “Eeny Meeny Miny Moe.” In the second group are those who fall somewhere in between.

Group 1


As I mentioned in another post on the program, Rick Grimes, played by Andrew Lincoln, has always been the heart of the show. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is “The Walking Dead’s” most popular character. Although I have never found the character of Carl Grimes, portrayed by Chandler Riggs, to be of  particular interest, I have always assumed that those behind the series consider the father/son dynamic between Rick and Carl to be too valuable in terms of future storytelling possibilities to give up. I think it is safe to assume the season six finale did not mean the last day on earth for Rick, Daryl or Carl.

Group 2


With Maggie Greene, played Lauren Cohan, becoming pregnant and assuming leadership of the core group of survivors, the show seems to have big plans for her, Glenn Rhee, (Steven Yeun) and their baby. I could not see either Glenn or Maggie having been chosen by Negan.


It was only this season that Sgt. Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz, went from being nothing more than an anti-military stereotype to a believable figure. I would be shocked if he were gone after all the recent development the audience saw in Ford’s character. His romance with Sasha Williams, played by Sonequa Martin,  has just gotten off the ground. She is probably safe since “The Walking Dead” has to be aware the viewers will want to see where it goes.


Michonne (Danai Gurira) is a popular character and has an undeniable cool factor about her. Her relationship with Rick, which sprang up completely out of the blue and so was a bit cheesy, is also new to the series and so as of yet unexplored. I doubt Michonne is going anywhere.


Dr. Eugene Porter, portrayed by Josh McDermitt, is a character who just came into his own this season. He has become one of the more interesting characters on the show. It would be silly to kill him off now.

Group 3


Aaron, played by Ross Marquand, has been, for all intents and purposes, invisible this season. Fans of the show have not been given even the slightest hint of what could be in store for him in the show’s future. His murder would be the least upsetting to the fans. However, because he is one of the three homosexual characters on the show, he could be safe. More on this later.


Rosita Espinosa, (Christian Serratos), had not much of a role to play in this season. Now that she has been dumped by Sgt. Ford, she, like Aaron, could be killed off without any interruption to the direction “The Walking Dead” seems to be heading. Serratos has performed well in her role and is a rare beauty. Male viewers would certainly miss the site of her fighting zombies in tight jeans. Nonetheless, Rosita is the best bet to have met Negan’s, “Lucille” up, close and personal.

The Politics of “The Walking Dead”


There are not many shows that have worked as hard to earn what I called in another post on this blog “politically correct merit badges” than “The Walking Dead.” It is for this reason one cannot discount the possible influence of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) on the decision the show made about which of the eleven major characters to kill off.

Some who read this will think I am going for satire when I state that some see racism, sexism and homophobia in the particular characters that are killed off on television shows. I am not. The fact of the matter is that the actual statements and actions of Social Justice Warriors have gotten so bizarre that satirizing them is no longer possible. No satirist could think of anything more absurd than the SJW reality we face in 2016.

No peer review research study has ever been published to backup the claim that women, minorities and homosexuals are killed off at a disproportional rate on television. No matter. The Left has always been motivated more by their hearts and emotions than their brains and facts. It does no good to point out that the television industry is dominated by Leftist who worship at the alter of political correctness. The same goes for the fact that dumb, ignorant, clownish TV characters as well as television villains are almost solely white males.

If those behind “The Walking Dead” wished to appease the SJWs, the character whacked by Negan will have to have been a white male. If this is the case, it will be either Abraham or Eugene. One critic astutely noticed that during the season finale, the person who is killed straightens up just before the deadly blows begin to rain down. Since we see Abraham straighten up when Negan stands in front of him earlier in the episode, the critic concluded that the show depicted Abraham’s last day on earth. However, this entire season, or at least a large part of it, has been about  Eugene finally standing up and walking tall. He might have been him who “stood” tall one last time.  I will be disappointed if either one of these characters is the one who had his number called.

The fall TV season will be a long time coming. We will just have to wait to see if any of us who made guesses about the identity of the murdered character were right. At least we have new installments of “Fear the Walking Dead” to watch.

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