The Catholic Church and its Teachings on Homosexual Sex, Gay Marriage and Abortion


The teachings of the Catholic Church regarding homosexual sex, gay marriage and abortion are widely misunderstood and have been often misrepresented. In this post my aim is to explain these subjects in the most plain language possible.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual sex is a sin. This is because it has no connection to procreation and cannot occur within a marriage recognized by the Church since marriage is believed to be intended for procreation. Since gay marriage cannot lead to a child being conceived, it is viewed by the Catholic Church as against God’s will and so not recognized by the Catholic Church.

It must be pointed out, however, that the Catholic Church believes that we are all sinners and so no person engaged in a homosexual relationship is barred from attending a church service.

The Catholic Church believes that all life is sacred. For this reason abortion is viewed as murder.

Why cannot the American Left accept that there is an endless variety of Christian churches and if a person is not happy with the teachings of the Catholic Church on homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, or any other subject, she or he can simply find and join a different church more to their liking? I cannot leave this subject without pointing out that those who cry the loudest about what they perceive as a lack of tolerance for Islam are the same people who have the least tolerance for Christians and Catholics in particular.

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