Product Placement in Television

x-files-2016-ford-explorer-platinum-01.jpgProduct placement in The X-Files


Last month I blogged about product placement in television. Since my comments were made in a post about a television show, they would likely only have been read by those interested in the program. For this reason I decided to restate my arguments in this new blog post. Seventeen days ago I wrote:

“The coming of such blatant and reappearing product placement is an obvious evolution in television. Every day the percentage of us with DVRs is increasing and less and less of us are watching commercials because it is so easy to fast-forward through them. Advertisers will not buy commercial time if people do not watch their advertisements. Expect to see arrangements…in which…[companies] both buy traditional commercial spots and have their product featured in…episodes as well, to become the norm. This does not bother me since it may lead to the eventual elimination of traditional commercials altogether. Furthermore, if done skillfully, product placement could even aid the viewer in her or his willingness to suspend disbelief when viewing a television program.”

I say bring on the product placement and banish television commercials forever. It will mean a superior TV viewing experience for all of us.

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