Governor Martin O’Malley and the Horse He Rode In On

Last month I wrote a blog post on the Democrat party also-rans. While searching for some photographs that would complement my text, I came across a striking number of funny and odd images of Governor Martin O’Malley. These images, and my commentary on them, are the topic for this blog post.

General Confusion


I do not claim to be an expert on such matters, but this appears to be a mule and not a horse. A mule, for those who do not know, is a horse and donkey hybrid. From the time of the War of 1812 period which the uniform he wears in the photograph dates to (his wearing modern dress shoes add to the silliness of the image), until the end of the U.S. horse cavalry, no self-respecting army officer would have ridden a mule in public. To do so would have been seen as self-degradation to a very high degree since it was looked upon as beneath his station. It also would have subjected the officer to public ridicule. During the American Civil War, cavalrymen who rode mules were jeered with the refrain: “Here’s your mule!” Since many reenactors are very knowledgeable about history, it would not surprise me if at least one of them who was present on the day this photograph was taken yelled this line at O’Malley . I am sure he would have been oblivious to what it meant if he had heard it.


O’Malley is riding a different animal in this photograph. However, even if he had been riding a thoroughbred, appearing in public in an 1812 army officer’s uniform was just plain undignified for a sitting governor of a state. At least he is wearing riding boots.

He’s All Hands


O’Malley often makes weird hand gestures when he speaks. I found so many examples of this that I began to wonder if I could have filled up my hard drive with them.



Some photographs of O’Malley are so strange that no commentary on them is necessary.

The Shirtless Wonder


O’Malley seems to love appearing in public with no shirt.

The Gov.’s Bar Band

combine band.jpg

He has long fronted a bar band called, no surprise here, “O’Malley’s March.” (As you can see for yourself, the band even has their own t-shirts.) I located many images of his performing in this band while he was governor.  The fact that he made time to pursue a semiprofessional music career while in office proves he was not devoting enough time to being governor. Maybe if he had spent more time doing his day job he could have done something about the conditions in Baltimore during the period that led up to the Baltimore riots of April 2015.

Career politicians like O’Malley have been surrounded by political consultants most of their adult life. Such people coach politicians on every possible aspect of their public image. The fact that these images exists at all suggests that O’Malley pays no mind to his consultants. Only a person with an almost unbelievable ego would do so. Someone who is sure that they know best and so is dismissive of expert advice is the last person one would want in political office. Nonetheless, it will not be long before he is elected to some Maryland elected office or other. This is what career politicians like O’Malley, who does not appear to have ever held a real job like the rest of us, do.

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