Thoughts on “The Walking Dead” Season 6, Episode 11: “Knots Untie” (Some Spoilers are Revealed Below)

144a4b7d0378e13e7eb473ce88801148.jpgEpisode 11 of season 6 of the Walking Dead (“Knots Untie”) was another in a long line of strong installments. The observations it brought to my mind are explained below.

Sgt. Abraham Ford


When Sgt. Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz, first appeared in season four of the show, I loathed his character. He was written as the caricature of a military man that Hollywood and television writers who have not served in the military and never had a friend or family member who served in the military often vomit up. Abraham fit the stereotype of a serviceman that those who know nothing about the military other than that they hate everything about it and everyone associated with it often embrace. As the show’s seasons have progressed, “The Walking Dead’s” writers have apparently come to the realization that those in the armed forces are just like the rest of the population because Abraham’s character has evolved into a real person.  I have come to enjoy him. However, the moronic dialog spoken by him in connection with Maggie Greene’s (Lauren Cohan) pregnancy and Rick Grimes and Michonne (Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira) becoming a couple was a step backward. Hopefully there will not be any more of such silliness going forward.


Ford speaks of Rick and Michonne “uging bumpies” instead of “bumping uglies.” This after last week’s episode that featured Eugene Porter, played by Josh McDermitt, speaking the words “hunky dunky” rather than “hunky dory.” Are both explained by some sort of inside joke only known to the most super of super fans or those who work on the show?

Carl Frimes


About a quarter of the way through “Knots Untie”, we observe Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) tell his father that he will stay behind in Alexandrea when the majority of the core group of survivors leave for the Hilltop Colony. It was a nice moment symbolizing that Carl has become an adult.

A Stunning Scene


While the group is en route to the settlement we are treated to a stunning scene of writhing walkers trapped by a car wreck.  It was a reminder that the show’s special effects have always been as big a star as any cast member.



Those who designed the costumes of Paul “Jesus” Rovia  (Tom Payne) and Ford for this installment did a great job. The black leather trench coat and gloves and orange hat “Jesus” wears are a great look. Ford had an equal “cool factor” going for him with his deep blue parker with fur lined hood.

The Hilltop Colony


Setting the Hilltop Colony on a former living history museum that once served as a plantation was a brilliant and fascinating stroke. With black smith and carpenter shops and plenty of quality land already cleared for farming it has almost everything a group of the living would need.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene


The best acting performance of the episode was turned in by Lauren Cohan. I am looking forward to seeing how the series will develop as Maggie Greene assumes a leadership position in the group.

We are now two episodes in to the resumption of the season. I am sure there is still plenty more fun to be had. If you wish to learn what I think about next week’s installment check back with my blog a day or two after it airs.

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