A Postmortem on the 2016 Democrat Presidential Also Rans as of February 21, 2016


As of February 21, 2016, four Democrat politicians have dropped out of the presidential race. Below are my thoughts on the candidacy of each one. I cover them in alphabetical order by last name.


Lincoln Chafee

Senator Lincoln “Bah humbug!” Chafee served as a Liberal Republican senator from Rhode Island from 2000 to 2006. After losing his seat to a Democrat, he switched his allegiance to the Democrat party, though he was officially an independent until 2013. No former Republican senator could ever hope to be the Democrat candidate for president. I must assume Chafee ran for the nomination only to burnish his resume and thereby increase his speaking fees. He may also be angling for a cabinet position in a future Democrat administration. Barring this, I do not see him continuing in politics.  Republican voters will not take him back and he could never beat a lifelong Democrat in an election.  He could turn up next in academia. I think he will be most remembered for trying to officially change the name of the Christmas tree at the Rhode Island State House to a “holiday tree.”


Lawrence Lessig



Martin O’Malley

Martin O’Malley is the quintessential career politician. I am not aware that he has ever held a real job like the rest of us. Because Secretary Hillary Clinton is a woman and the Democrat party has plunged off the left edge of the political landscape, O’Malley never had a chance. He won election to governor of Maryland in 2007 and presided over the state while things went to heck in Baltimore. O’Malley left office about three months before the Baltimore riots of April 2015 but deserves a share of the responsibility for the conditions in the city during the period that led up to them. No matter. He will go on to serve in some Maryland elected office or other. Its what career politicians do.


Jim Webb

That Senator Jim Webb was another former Republican was the first strike against him in the eyes of Democrat primary voters. Worse for Webb was a long and honorable association with the U.S. military that did not culminate in a low point of his throwing his medals away on the U.S. Capitol. lawn. I believe he ran for president for the same reason that Chafee did. His prospects going forward are pretty much the same as Chafee’s.

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