The Presidential Candidacy of Republican Governor Jeb Bush in 233 Words

AP_jeb_bush_2_jt_150218_16x9_992.jpgThe Bush extended family are good people with miles of integrity. I nonetheless do not want Jeb Bush to win the Republican nomination.

Liberal Republicans

George Bush lost to Ronald Reagan in the primary season that preceded the 1980 election because from a Conservative standpoint he paled in comparison to Reagan. It came as no surprise than that his presidency represented a step back from the Reagan Revolution. One might even say his raising taxes after promising not to do so was a betrayal of that revolution.

George W. Bush, as president, was even more Liberal than his father. Does any person doubt that Jeb would be even more Liberal still? I most certainly do not.

Jeb was an effective administrator as governor of Florida. He would be an effective administrator as president as well. However, he would lead the country in a Liberal direction.

Phrase “Act of Love” Phrase Disqualifies Him

His using the phrase “an act of love” to describe illegal immigrants who commit a felony and cross over into or remain on U.S. soil without legal authorization was in itself enough to disqualify him from the presidency.

Voters and caucus goers across the nation must stop Jeb Bush from winning the Republican nomination. The failure to do so will be detrimental to the U.S. and its people. Get out there and vote because a bad showing in South Carolina tomorrow night could mean the end of Jeb’s presidential run.

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