Thoughts on the Presidential Candidacy of Republican Senator Ted Cruz


After finishing first in the Iowa caucus and third in the New Hampshire primary, Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign has built up a head of steam. This makes me happy. I believe he would make the best president of all those running for the office. Read on to find out why.

A Principled Conservative

Although the 2013 federal government shutdown caused me considerable personal difficulties, I believe it was one of the most principled Conservative political stands of my lifetime. President Barack Obama has never been willing to compromise with the Republicans on anything and so was not going to give in this situation. After a week the point had been made and the GOP should have caved. That it was allowed to go on for sixteen days was a strategic mistake on behalf of Cruz. Nonetheless, the shutdown signaled Cruz as the standard bearer for Conservative ideology in the U.S. Congress.

Illegal Alien Amnesty, Citizenship and Voting Rights

With a single exception, I do not believe that Cruz has ever done anything to diminish his Conservative credentials. This one exception is, admittedly, a big one.

Cruz did, for a time, argue in support of a bill co-authored by fellow Republican presidential candidate, Senator Marco Rubio that would have granted illegal aliens amnesty and allowed them to eventually become U.S. citizens and voters.

What follows is text I wrote for a blog post on Rubio: “Illegal alien activists have done their best to downplay the number of such immigration criminals in the United States. The truth of the matter is that no one knows precisely how many illegals reside in the country but some have placed the number as high as thirty million. Regardless of how large the number is, what can be said with certainty is that if they become voters the Republican party, which offers opportunity and not handouts as the affirmative action supporting Democrats do, will never again win a presidential election. This is because 90% of these additional voters will cast their ballot for the Democrats.

The Democrats know this and it is why they are pushing so hard for citizenship for illegals. They have run this play before. In 1965, Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy completely rewrote the U.S. immigration policy. Prior to that time the vast majority of those who were allowed to relocate to the U.S. and become citizens and voters came from Europe. They were natural constituents of the Republican party. Kennedy’s rewrite of the law flipped things around. Ever after it has been very difficult for a person from Europe to gain citizenship and voting rights. Since the passage of Kennedy’s legislation in America the vast majority of new Americans have come from third world countries and have been natural constituents of the Democrat party.”

Cruz eventually came to oppose Rubio’s bill and went on record saying so. He has stated that he does not support amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens. I am willing to believe that he has seen the light on the issue.

Alleged Dirty Campaign Tactics

Recently Cruz and his campaign have been attacked for what has been referred to by some as “dirty” campaign tactics. I admire that Cruz seems to have a bit of Tony Saprano in him. For the last almost sixty years members of the Democrat party have often conducted their campaigns like street brawlers and fought for electoral office with a no-holds-barred approach. This has often given them an edge over Republicans whose campaigns typically reflect the manners of gentleman and gentleladies. I am certain Cruz, if he gets the nomination, will fight fire with fire and match whatever tactics the eventual Democrat nominee may use against him. We know the Clintons are dirty. It could get real ugly.


Another knock against Cruz is that he is alleged to be not liked by his fellow members of the Senate and House of Representatives. Cruz graduated near the top of every school he attended. Liberal icon Alan Dershowitz has said Cruz was the brightest law student he ever had at the Harvard Law School. He has argued nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. Cruz has performed very well in debates. There can be no doubt he is the smartest person running for president in either party.

People as smart as Cruz are often arrogant, aloof and dismissive. It would not surprise me if he is as unlikeable as his critics claim. Why in the world would this matter to a voter? When I vote in my own state primary I will not be casting a ballot for the person I think would make the best friend. I will be voting for my party’s nominee.

When I vote this primary season I will be voting for Ted Cruz because he is the most Conservative candidate running and therefore will make the best president of the bunch. I hope you will as well.

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