Thoughts on the Presidential Candidacy of Republican Senator Marco Rubio


Republican Senator Marco Rubio has a number of things going for him in the presidential race. He is youthful, has charisma and woman presumably find him to be handsome, all of which could work to his advantage in the general election. I nonetheless could never support him for two reasons.

Debate Performance

Rubio debate.jpg

The first is his abysmal performance in the last debate. His repeating rehearsed lines over and over again was embarrassing. I worry that he could be thrashed in debates with the Democrat’s nominee and lose the election as a result.

Illegal Alien Amnesty, Citizenship and Voting Rights


A much bigger issue for me is Rubio’s co-authorship of a bill that would have granted illegal aliens amnesty and allowed them to eventually become U.S. citizens and voters. Illegal alien activists have done their best to downplay the number of such immigration criminals in the United States. The truth of the matter is that no one knows precisely how many illegals reside in the country but some have placed the number as high as thirty million. Regardless of how large the number is, what can be said with certainty is that if they become voters the Republican party, which offers opportunity and not handouts as the affirmative action supporting Democrats do, will never again win a presidential election. This is because 90% of these additional voters will cast their ballot for the Democrats.

Illegal Aliens and Democrat Political Strategy

The Democrats know this and it is why they are pushing so hard for citizenship for illegals. They have run this play before. In 1965, Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy completely rewrote the U.S. immigration policy. Prior to that time the vast majority of those who were allowed to relocate to the U.S. and become citizens and voters came from Europe. They were natural constituents of the Republican party. Kennedy’s rewrite of the law flipped things around. Ever after it has been very difficult for a person from Europe to gain citizenship and voting rights. Since the passage of Kennedy’s legislation in America the vast majority of new Americans have come from third world countries and have been natural constituents of the Democrat party.

I fear that if Rubio is elected president he will use the power of the executive branch to get his illegal immigrant amnesty and citizenship bill passed. Therefore making Rubio the Republican nominee could prove to be suicidal for the GOP. We cannot take the chance.

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