My Thoughts on Presidential Candidate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie


Although I can never forgive New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for what he did in 2012, I believe he would be a strong presidential candidate in the general election.

Chrisite’s Figurative and Literal Embrace of Barack Obama

Christie’s figurative and literal embrace of President Barack Obama just a few weeks out from the 2012 presidential election was a shameful act. Christie had to have been aware that putting his arm around Obama and showering him with praise over his handling of Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New Jersey would raise the president’s standing in the eyes of the public and make it harder for his fellow Republican Mitt Romney to win the presidency. Showing such disloyalty to one’s own political party is disgusting under any circumstance.

However, Christie’s conduct is seen in an even darker light when one considers that his hugging and speaking glowingly of Obama raised his own political fortunes at the expense of Romney and the people of the United States which ultimately had to endure another four years of Obama. If Romney had won in 2012, he presumably would have run again in 2016. Christie would not have been able to run for president until 2020. From a self-interested standpoint, it was better for Christie to have Romney lose the election. It was just this calculation that may have been behind Christie’s words and actions with regard to Obama after Hurricane Sandy.

Performed Very Well in Debates

Nonetheless, any honest observer must concede that Christie has performed very well in the debates. His shining moment this campaign season, though, did not come during a debate. It was an October 2015 town hall meeting in New Hampshire. Here he gave a short, deeply personal, speech of about six minutes on drug addiction and how best to handle the problem. It is no wonder that a video of the remarks (see: went viral and has now been seem by over eight million. His speech is darn near unforgettable. No fair-minded person can view the clip and not realize that Christie is a most powerful speaker capable of moving his audience to an unusually high degree.

It must be conceded that Christie could mop the floor with Hillary Clinton in presidential debates and utilize his skills as an orator to motivate many to cast ballots for him come November. The GOP could do much worse than to give him the nomination.

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