My Review of Episode Two (“Founder’s Mutation”) of the Return Run of “The X-Files”: How I “Got” “The X-Files” After Almost Twenty-Three Years (No Major Spoilers are Revealed Below)

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In my review of the miniseries premier I wrote that I hoped for episodes that featured mythical creatures or monsters of various varieties conjured from the darkest corners of the imaginations of the show’s writers. Instead viewers witnessed another extraterrestrial-related conspiracy installment. The quality storytelling, impressive special effects and high production values fans have come to expect from the program were all present and so watching nonetheless proved to be an enjoyable experience.

Another Government Conspiracy

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The episode furthered a storyline centered on very bad and powerful people in the U.S. government power structure engaged carrying out a sinister plot to take over the nation. As I watched I came to a realization. Almost twenty-three years after the show’s debut, it came to me what “The X-Files” has truly always been about.

Oliver Stone and Chris Carter


To explain I must bring up the despicable Oliver Stone. Stone knew when making his movie JFK that Jim Garrison had been diagnosed with “severe and disabling” mental illness “of the type that will require long-term pyscotherapeutic approach.” Stone was aware that Garrisons was corrupt and unethical as they come, had been known to have slept with a loaded gun under his pillow and his conspiracy theory related to President Kennedy’s assassination had zero merit and destroyed the lives of innocent people. Yet just as social justice warriors told us that “the facts don’t matter” after the UVA rape case was demonstrated to be a fraud, Stone, if he were to be honest, would say the same when defending his movie JFK.  From Stone’s perspective, that JFK is a pack of lies is not important. The point of his movie was to communicate to his audience a “greater truth.” This is the basic notion that the American government is horrible and the U.S. is a force for all that is terrible in the world. In the postmodernist tradition, Stone wants to help to rip down the United States so that something he perceives will be better can be created in its place.

Obviously, neither “The X-Files” creator and main writer Chris Carter nor anyone else connected with the show believes there is even a grain of truth behind the government conspiracy theories that have been a constant thread in the series. Yet like Stone, Carter wants viewers to see the U.S. government and therefore the United States in general as dark and up to no good and utilizes a fictional narrative to accomplish his goal. As is the case with other postmodernists, Carter wants to undermine the American system as we know it today by causing people to lose faith in it. Only then, can it be overturned and replaced.

#*&@ “The X-Files.”

#*&@ me too because the show has me hooked and am sure I will enjoy tuning in to the remaining four episodes.

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