It Hurts to Say it, but Ohio Governor John Kasich is the G.O.P.’s Best Chance for Victory in 2016


Governor John Kasich is too Liberal for my taste. He is also the Grand Old Party’s smartest bet for winning the presidency in November.

Liberal Policies and Views

Kasich’s Liberal policies as governor of Ohio have been well-documented. Just this morning he made me want to pull an Elvis on my TV when he stated he thought nanny state devote Michael Bloomberg had been a good mayor of New York.

Yet the major party candidate who earns the most independent votes carries the election every time. Kasich’s Liberal performance in Ohio should allow him to get more independent votes nationwide than a more Conservative candidate could.

A Very Likeable Fellow

Furthermore, he is also a very likeable fellow. Elections are popularity contest and likeable fellows often triumph in them.

The G.O.P. Needs Ohio

Kasich was a popular Ohio congressman for many years and is also a man who has been able to take two successive gubernatorial elections in Ohio with large numbers of independent and Democrat voters. This matters because it signals that if he were to be the Republican’s candidate Ohio would likely go for the G.O.P. No Republican presidential candidate has ever won the general election without winning Ohio. The likelihood is that the same dynamic will be in play in the next election.

President Barack Obama has done major damage to this country. Because incumbents are very hard to defeat, if a Democrat wins in November, it could mean sixteen straight years of Liberalism. It scares me to think on what the country might look like after such a string of misguided Leftist policies. We cannot take the risk. Grand Old Party primary voters must throw their support behind Kasich.

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