Why Everyone Who has Used the #OscarsSoWhite Hashtag is So Racist


For two consecutive years only white actors have received Oscar nominations for acting awards. Soon after the announcement of this year’s nominees, social justice warriors had a melt down. They took to Twitter and began tweeting the hashtag “#OscarsSoWhite.” Everyone who has used this hashtag is so racist.

Those who have tweeted #OscarsSoWhite believe the reason for the lack of nominations of people of color is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members whose votes determine which thespians are nominated are overwhelmingly white. Implicit in this argument are three beliefs:

  • White racism is the only possible explanation for all of the nominees being white,
  • White people are inherently racist and so cannot judge the acting talent of people of color fairly, and
  • People of color are never racist and so the voting would be more fair if more of them voted.

It is also true that on a basic level if you use the hashtag you are grouping and distinguishing people by race and declaring that you believe people are different as a result of their race. This fits the classic definition of racism.

It is undeniable then, that if you tweet the hashtag  #OscarsSoWhite you believe that whites are racially inferior to people of color and so you are a racist. If you do not accept this it means that you are so blinded by your own political ideology that you cannot see the double standard you embrace.

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