Senator Rand Paul’s Presidential Candidacy


I agree with Rand Paul on a number of important issues. I wish I could go full Libertarian and support him over all other candidates. However, I lack enough confidence and trust in the average person to do so. I think it might be dangerous for me to give some people too much freedom. I also worry about isolationism. I think the Muslim refugees streaming into the West shows what happens when we disengage with the world.

We Should Error on the Side of Freedom

I do believe we should always try to err on the side of freedom. I am grateful that Rand Paul can be counted on as an outspoken voice of Libertarian ideals. I just don’t want him to be the GOP’s candidate for president.


Edit: On February 4, 2016 Paul announced that he was suspending his presidential campaign. It has been suggested that what sunk him was his advocating an isolationist foreign policy at a time when American’s fears over terrorism are justifiably rising. I think there is a lot of truth to this argument. However, I feel another factor is that there are just not enough pure Libertarian Republicans to support a Libertarian  presidential candidate like Paul.

I think that in the end the sum total of Paul’s political career will look much like that of his father’s, Senator Ron Paul. Ron ran for president time after time but in the end only succeeded in spreading the worthy message of Libertarianism. The likelihood is this is the best that his son will ever be able to hope for.

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