Can’t Figure Out Carly Fiorina

2_162015_ap3580210662608201.jpgIt does not do justice to CEO turned presidential candidate Carly Fiorina to say she has an answer ready for every question. Her ready answer is always the perfect answer and the choice of words in her responses is flawless. She is the first candidate I have ever observed that simply cannot be stumped by any questioner.


This being the case, it alludes me why she has done so poorly at the polls even with several very strong debate performances under her belt. Some have described her as unlikeable. When I vote in my local primary and general election I will not be voting for a friend. I will be casting my ballot for a chief executive. I do not care at all about Fiorina’s level of social skills. We have had almost eight years of a slick, charismatic president and find the nation in a terrible spot.

Never Held Elected Office

It could be that GOP party members are holding the fact that Fiorina has never held elected office against her. When Barack Obama won the presidency he had literally never run anything or been in charge of anyone. The manager at your local fast-food restaurant had more executive and managerial experience than he did when he assumed office. It should come as no surprise that he has been one of the country’s worst presidents.

Although Fiorina cannot claim to have been an office holder she is someone who rose from secretary to CEO at a Fortune 500 company. She has many, many years’ experience as a manager and executive. She would make a great chief executive of the United States. It is a sad mystery to me why the voters do not agree.

With the opening of primary season just a short time off, it appears to be a safe bet that Fiorina will not be the eventual Republican nominee. Fiorina’s supporters can take heart, however, because it could be that she may nonetheless have a role to play in this election cycle. I will be blogging about her again very soon.

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9 thoughts on “Can’t Figure Out Carly Fiorina

  1. It’s only my opinion of course, but Fiorina’s poll number slide began immediately after media coverage about her having “overstated” (lied about) what’s on the CMP sting tapes during a Republican debate. People began to catch on to the fact that she can’t be stumped because she MAKES STUFF UP. She already had a history of stretching the truth about her career successes, there are more pro-choice Republicans than she had counted on, and terrorism became a top issue – one she doesn’t inspire confidence about. The latest news story about her ambushing kids on a field trip into an anti-abortion photo-op isn’t helping.


    • So you are telling me that you think Republicans stopped supporting Carly Fiorina over the ghastly Planned Parenthood videos? Are you trying to troll me? The invented “controversy” over the way Fiorina characterized the videos is a smokescreen and attempt to deflect from the absolutely horrific content of the videos. Anyone who could view them and not be moved to a significant degree has a stone-cold heart. Unfortunately, most Democrats have not bothered to view them. This has not, however, stopped them from commenting in the issue.

      Planned Parenthood simultaneously called for the full videos to be released and went to court to block the full videos from ever being released. It was a move that was stunning in its cynicism and blatant effort to manipulate the public.

      Credible pundits said Fiorina won or was one of the top performers in every debate she took part. If she were really just “MAKING STUFF UP” this would not have been the case.

      A successful Republican woman who achieved great things on her own (as opposed to Hillary Clinton of whom no one would have ever heard of if she had married a man other than Bill Clinton) represents an existential threat to the victimhood narrative peddled by the Democrat party. This is why such vile sexists attacks are launched at them by Democrats.

      You said Fiorina presents her record in the best possible light. I have never heard of any politician doing such a thing. We cannot stand for it! Is a member of the party which has Hillary Clinton as a front runner really questioning the honestly of a Republican candidate? Dishonest has been the hallmark of the Clinton’s political career.

      What ultimately doomed Fiorina’s campaign was the fact that she had never held any elected office. It makes me happy to say we have not heard the last of her.

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      • It was just a theory. Her numbers took a steep dive immediately after the debate where she first focused on the videos. Maybe it was only that she badly miscalculated how many pro-choice Republicans there are. I don’t know. Do you have a better theory for why her polls tanked at that exact time?

        Of course we haven’t heard the last of her! All the failed Republicans get a shot at being pundits on Fox News, or a reality TV show. She might even find her lower level elective office to run for, a la the Peter Principle. But if not having held office dooms candidates, why is Trump the front-runner and likely nominee?

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      • I sincerely apologize for taking such a harsh tone in my response to your comment. I had planned on editing my reply tonight but if I did that now my apology would have no meaning. You raise a great point about Trump being the front runner despite the fact that he has never held elected office. This did not occur to me and I do not have an answer to your point.

        There are so many jerks of BOTH parties who post online that I have become accustomed to adopting a defensive posture when online. I am sincere when I say that I wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

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  2. Part of her problem is her HP record. I haven’t met anyone who worked for the company who’s had anything good to say about her. Maybe it has to do with the way the company fizzled out of high-tech New England, but I feel there’s more.


    • While a graduate student I had the pleasure of hearing a lecture from a high-level former HP staffer. This was after Carly Fiorina had been defeated in her senate run. At the time no person could have guessed that Fiorina would one day run for president. After the lecture was over I approached the lecturer and asked him about the general opinion HP staffers had of her while she ran the corporation. I was informed that Fiorina was “loved.”

      She had the misfortune of taking over HP just before the tech industry hit a downward slide. Quite a number of other tech companies were impacted by it.

      What ultimately doomed Fiorina’s campaign was the fact that she had never held any elected office. It makes me happy to say we have not heard the last of her.


      • Reminds me of a problem I saw in the news business, where upper-level editors or publishers might be pushed out, through no fault of their own, and then find themselves unable to get back into the trade, no matter how great they were in action. Is there a similar crux at the top of the executive pyramid? Not just CEOs, either, but definitely for those three or four steps down?
        Just wondering, with Fiorina as a case in point.

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