My Two Cents on Billionaire Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump

trump thumbs up.jpgIt could very well be that when all is said and done Donald Trump will have received more media coverage than any presidential candidate in U.S. history. A good deal of what has been written and uttered about him has been nonsense. I wish to have my say on the man and hope to write something meaningful.

Pre-Politics Trump

Many of us who live or have lived in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area know Trump from before he became a reality TV star and subsequently became heavily involved in politics. We can recall that over the years Trump has gone on record with many Liberal statements and positions and even publicly supported Democrat politicians.

Trump Version 2.0

During this campaign season Trump has taken very Conservative positions on the issues of the day. I like much of what I have heard. Trump’s supporters have assumed that Trump version 2.0 is “The [real] Donald” and his conversion is genuine. I have my doubts despite his campaign rhetoric. I believe that that which is good for business and the economy are the only issues Trump is truly passionate about. This is not a bad thing. The average household income of Americans is lower now than when Barack Obama took office. The percentage of able-bodied Americans in the workforce is lower than at any time since the 1970s. Obama’s economic policy has been a disaster for the nation. A president like Trump who is Conservative when it comes to business and the economy could turn the country around.

However, I am certain that on all other issues, a Trump presidency would reflect the views of his cabinet, advisers and vice president. If he selects a Liberal Republican to be his vice president and Liberal Republicans to advise him and serve in his cabinet (none of which would surprise me) his presidency will be Liberal on all issues not related to business or the economy. Voters need to be comfortable with this possibility if they are going to support Trump this primary season.

Protectionism and Isolationism

Trump supporters should also give careful consideration to his public statements supporting protectionism and isolationism. History has shown protectionism does not work. Nations that are hit with tariffs respond in kind. It is a zero-sum gain. It is better to aim to win economically on a free market playing field. The impact of the Muslim refugees streaming into Europe demonstrates why an isolationist foreign policy is a very bad idea.

Trump’s Demeanor

It is impossible to write on Trump and not comment on his demeanor. He is crude, direct and abrupt. Such people do not typically win popularity contests. Since an election is a popularity contest, Trump’s manor may hurt his chances of winning his party’s nomination and the general election.

Presidents are role models for children and represent Americans to the rest of the world. They should be dignified, refined and respectful. President Barack Obama’s frequent use of foul and offensive language is one of the reasons why he disgusts me so much. If Trump really wants to be president he should start acting presidential. Hillary Clinton was right to say so.

Trump and “Lost Voters”

Perhaps the most interesting thing written on Trump to date is the recent argument that he may be able to benefit from “’lost voters.” These are people who are defined as having rarely or never voted before and who will vote for Trump because they believe they have found a candidate who has their interest at heart. Just as Obama was able to win two elections with record low white support by relying on record high minority turnout, Trump may likewise be victorious as a consequence of a new and never before seen dynamic in electoral politics. He may have to if he is to win because the positions he has taken on issues appears to be unlikely to garner enough support from the independent voters who in a typical election year determine which party carries the day.

Trump has taken us all on a wild ride. It is unlikely to become dull anytime soon. Grab some popcorn, watch how it all unfolds and let us enjoy the fun together!

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